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Shihouin Yoruichi

I know. It's REALLY late.

Characters: Rose and Yoruichi
When: No se. 
Summary: Sexy study session.
Warnings: A bit of "bondage" perhaps~?

Rose was waiting in Yoruichi's room with his covers tucked up under his chin.  His class had gotten out early and he had snuck into the room to wait for Yoruichi.
 Who wouldn't like to come in to a naked Rose in bed?  Not that Rose really was naked, even though he had clothes folded neatly in the corner.  He had no idea what he was making it seem that way but... just seemed like the thing to do.  Maybe Yoruichi was rubbing off on him.

Yoruichi tugged at the school uniform as she made her way back to her room. "Fuckin'..." she muttered, "....Fuckin'.... Unbelievable. Unbelievable!"

The Human Psych teacher was just asking for a broken neck. He'd asked the class about Sleep Apnea. Of course, the class had no freaking idea what the hell he was talking about, except Yoruichi who actually found the class riveting.

"Yes, Shihouin?" he’d asked, Yoruichi being the only one with her hand raised.

"Sleep Apnea is when the muscles of the throat relax more than they should, blocking the passage of air into the lungs. The brain will sense the lack of oxygen, and the person wakes up momentarily, not realizing it, and doing so for perhaps hundreds of times. When they wake up in the morning, they think they've gotten the full eight hours of sleep, when in reality, they haven't."

Yoruichi smiled, and sat down, proud that she knew what he was talking about.

The asshole, however, smiled back at her and said, "If I'd wanted a book definition, I'd have asked for it, Shihouin."

The class laughed.

"Well, at least I said something, right?" Yoruichi shot back, "I didn't see any of these vegetables say anything. Be happy we didn't all look at you and drool."

The teacher didn't like this and kicked Yoruichi out, and now here she was, fuming, on her way back to her room.

"Fuckin'.... unbelievable." she muttered again, turning the knob.

Rose waited in anticipation for Yoruichi to come in.  He could sense by the reiatsu that it was her and not Orihime.  Which was good, because he would definitely feel weird if it were Orihime.
 The words he heard on the other side of the door didn't sound so very encouraging though.  She was not in a good mood.
 "Something wrong?"

Yoruichi opened the door, mumbling, and saw Rose's head sitting on a pile of sheets.

"BLAGH!" she screamed and jumped backwards into the hall. Seeing that in fact all of Rose was in the bed, she held a hand to her chest, and panted, "You scared me!"

She leaned against the door frame and slid down into a sitting position, putting her head in her books.

"What're you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class?" she asked, looking over at him.

"Wow, you scare pretty easily then," Rose said, not sure if he should smile in jest or not.  He hadn't meant to scare her, he was just lying down in bed was all.
 "I got out of class early.  Shouldn't you be in class?" he asked back.  Normally she wouldn't be out for a while still.  That, along with her sour mood, worried him.  "Everything okay?"

"Well I wasn't expecting you in my bed as soon as I walked in, that's for sure," she retorted, extending her arm in the direction of her bed, indicating the area where the event had happened.
"The douchebag teacher kicked me out," she put her books on the ground, "For answering a question well enough to be a textbook definition. I mean, what the hell? No one else says a damn thing in that class, and I actually LIKE his class, so he shouldn't ridicule..."
Yoruichi went on as she stood and pushed her books with her legs turning into her room enough to close the door.

Rose just watched her, letting her rant about whatever this teacher had done.  If Yoruichi said he was a douchebag, he probably was.  Not much got his girlfriend riled up.  So he was either blatantly stupid or made some sort of mysogynistic remark.
 "Some teachers just like to try and make students feel dumb," Rose offered as she closed the door.  "You probably made him feel useless.  Who needs the teacher if Yoruichi knows the answer already?"

Yoruichi was about to say something else, but stopped mid-sentence as Rose decided to take the "Let's agree with the psycho girlfriend" route.
"Right," she said, deciding that that particular course of action was favorable to her, "So why're you here again? Not that it's not nice to see you, but it's usually me in your bed," she noticed the folded clothes, and the sheets up to his chin, "...Naked?"

"I thought you would like a little role reversal," he said with a smooth grin.  "Besides, I was reading one of those relationship books and they talk about how most often your partner shows affection in the ways they want to receive it."
 Rose hoped that she didn't continue to stay pissed.  He was in a playful mood for some reason and Yoruichi was fun to play with, whether you were naked or not.  And if she was upset, then he wanted to cheer her up.

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow and smirked, "You're reading 'relationship books'? How cute, but I didn't think our relationship was that bad. And even if it was, you're not gonna find my kind of behavior in a book."
She got up and leapt into bed, tackling him, "But it's nice to know you're making an effort."
The small skirt and dress shirt were really uncomfortable, and to add it all up, the tie was killing her. The blazer, suffice it to say, was a straight jacket, and the tube socks? Disgusting.  

"You wanna help me take this shit off?" she asked.

Rose laughed as she tackled him on the bed, smiling up at her as she looked down at him.  Her hair framed her face perfectly.
"Well, the book was three years ago," Rose said with a wink, remaining hidden under the covers.  "I'm a real slow learner."
 Rose couldn't actually remember when he read the book, but it had been something like three years ago.  You never know when some of that stuff might come in handy.
"Aww, do I have to?" he asked.  "I wanted a school girl outfit strip show..."

"Did you?" she asked, her voice full of mischief, "Well, since you're a slow learner, why don't I tutor you? It's just as fun as a strip show, but more appropriate."
 She straddled him, undoing the top button, "What's one plus one?"

A grin passed Rose's face that was reminiscent of a kid in a candy store.  Yoruichi always knew just what to do.  Of course, half the time she ended up messing with him in some way, but that was half the fun.
"That would be two," he said.

"Very good, see? You're not all that bad at all." She unbuttoned the next one and asked again, "What's two plus one?"

Her fingers were on the third and last button, ready to undo it if he earned it.

"Quickly now, you can't think too much," she said rapidly.

"Three," Rose responded automatically, enjoying the view.  While he didn't think counting was all that hard, it was going to get a lot harder the more buttons she did.  He was glad this next one was the last.
"Two plus one is three."

"Good." She slipped off her blazer and let it fall around her waist. "You're smarter than you let on."

She slowly went down to her belt and held her fingers there, "Square root of thirty-six?"

"Six," Rose said, again without hesitation.  Rose was good with math, it was like music.
"And of course I'm smart, I'm with you aren't you?" he asked, looking into her eyes and smiling at her.  Her eyes because while they were gorgeous, they weren't as distracting as some other parts of her.

Yoruichi laughed as she unbuckled her belt, "Let's test that theory," she smiled and slowly removed her belt, pulling it upward between her breasts and swinging it over her head.

"The seventeenth prime number?"

"Umm..." Rose closed his eyes for a moment before mentally rolling through the prime numbers.  He wasn't even sure if Yoruichi would know it, but he wasn't going to take a chance and guess.
"Fifty-nine," Rose said finally after nearly half a minute.  He really hoped he didn't miss any numbers on the way.

"Oh~, incorrect," she grinned, knowing damn well it was so. "But thanks for playing'." She didn't know if Rose would call her out on it, and wouldn't mind it if he did.

"What should your punishment be?" she asked, taking the belt in her hands.

"What?" Rose said, somewhat shocked.  He counted in his head again and came up with the same answer.  It was definitely the 17th prime number.
 "2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 41,43, 47, 53, then 59."

"Nope." Yoruichi said again, fighting back a smile, "It can't be."

She folded the belt in half and pulled down the sheets, then lifted up his shirt. "Wanna know why?"

Rose gave his girlfriend a playful glare as she pulled back the sheets and exposed his non-nakedness.  He had no idea how she knew he was clothed either.  She was tricky.
"And why is that?"

"Because I said so," she smirked, leaning down to kiss the valley between his pecs.

"And," she leaned back up, and cracked the belt, "because I'm tired of you being right." She took his arms and tied them to the headboard with the belt.

"Let's step it up a notch. Science: Newton's Third Law of Motion."

Rose gasped, both because of the feel of her lips on his chest and the fact that she was tying his arms up.  This could go either very good, or very bad.  You just never knew with her.
"The action one!" Rose said, trying to think more clearly.  "Ahh, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..."

She unbuttoned her skirt. "Stop it!" Yoruichi whined, tickling his armpits gingerly.

"What is inertia?"  

"Hey!" Rose yelped, twitching away from her fingers as much as possible while still starting at her as much as he could too.  It was getting to be a real challenge.
"It's the tendency for an object to stay in motion once in motion unless acted on by an outside force," he replied, the words coming out in a rush all at once as he chuckled.

"Sorry! Asked you just for inertia, not Newton's first law as well~," she tickled him a little again.

"But I'll make half an effort to remove something,"  she winked, "Just to be fair."

She unzipped her skirt, so that her undies showed. "Literature: Who authored The Fountainhead?"

"Nooo," Rose argued, shaking his head.  "His first law deals with bodies in motion and at rest.  Inertia is just the tendency of bodies already in motion."
Another grin passed over his face, Rose making sure to keep it playful and not smug.
"The skirt comes all the way off."

"Nope. You had it right, until you added the, 'Unless acted upon by an external force' part."

She lowered the skirt a little, "So the skirt goes that far."

She tickled him again, "And if you want it to go farther, just answer my new question."

Rose shook his head, adamant about his answer.  He didn't mind being wrong when he was wrong.  He just happened to be right.  It had nothing to do with the fact that he'd never even heard of that book before.
"Nope, I'm right," he said again.

"Even if you are, the skirt isn't going farther than this," Yoruichi said seriously, looking down at him through half lidded eyes, "So you can either dwell on this, or move on."

Rose knew when he wasn't going to get anywhere else so he just let it go with the satisfaction of knowing he was right.  That was a pretty good feeling to have.
"Fine, I have no clue who wrote it," he admitted.

Yoruichi threw her head back and laughed, "Ayn Rand." Just to keep him motivated, she stood over him, dropping the skirt a little more.

"Author of Pride and Prejudice."

"Jane Austen," Rose said, not the least bit ashamed that he knew the answer to that.  The movie had really impressive costumes and a lot of ruffled shirts.

"Well aren't you in touch with your feminine side?" she asked, holding down giggles, "Alright, I'll drop the skirt."

And she did so, resuming her seated position in his lap.

"Since you like women's books, main character in The Awakening."

Rose thought her mockery was worth it, seeing as how much clothing she had lost now.  And in such a fun way too, he would have to study for his next test like this.
"I have no idea," he said.  "I only knew the other one because of the clothes."

"Aw, and here I thought you liked women's literature. Well, it's Edna Pontillier and because you got it wrong, I'm gonna have to punish you."
She undid her tie, and held it out over his head, "For the next three questions, you get to see nothing. Even if you do get them right."
She waited for his protest, ignored it, then continued, "And if you get three more wrong," she grinned, "Game over."

"I just like good literature," Rose said, a mischievous smile crossing his face.  "That's pretty mysogynistic of you to categorize it as 'women's literature.'  Why can't it be good literature, hmmm?"
Rose gave a small chuckle before shifting a bit so that Yoruichi rested on him a bit more comfortably.  He thought he could live with it if he lost the game at this point since she was already nearly nude.
"But ask away!"

"Uh it's written by a woman, it's about a woman, and its main theme was woman empowerment. That makes it woman's literature."
 As Rose moved around underneath him, she felt he was a little stiff in the pants. She ground her hips against it a little, just to keep Rose from losing his motivation. Beside that, she made no point of noticing it, and blindfolded him mercilessly.
 "Alright, what's the resting potential of a human neuron?"

"What?" Rose asked, completely caught off guard by the question.  He didn't even know what a human neuron was, let alone it's resting potential.
 "Seven," he said, deciding to take a wild stab.  "Seven... resting units."

Yoruichi burst into wild laughter, leaning back and grinding a bit with his crotch, "Are you serious?" She thought that deserved something, and placed a light kiss on his lips, "You're so funny.
"The answer is negative seventy volts. Strike one." Even though he'd gotten it right, she unbuttoned her shirt and cast it aside, leaving her clad only in a brad and panties.
"Name given to the location of the Sun on the celestial sphere at the start of spring?"

Rose groaned a bit as her backside ground against him, thinking that she was definitely cheating by distracting him like this.  He wouldn't have known that question anyways, but it was still cheating.
"Hold on, I know this," Rose said, wracking his brain for the answer.  "Ahh, the zenith?"

"Correct!" she proclaimed.

Rose blinked, in surprise.  "Really?"

"NO!" she cackled with laughter, "Close, but no, it's not the zenith. The correct answer is 'Vernal Equinox'. But like I said, nice guess."
 As she said the last words she leaned in once again to kiss his lips, adjusting the tie so he couldn't see her unclasp her bra.
 "What does 'Si vous gagnez, je te vous sucerai sec,' mean?" she whispered, her voice seductive, just above a purr.

Rose closed his eyes tight and tried to ignore her lips and her body pressed against him.  He knew this... French was similar to Spanish and Italian... and he knew enough of a smattering of those he should be able to piece it together.
 "If you... If you something..., I will something...," he muttered, trying to make sense of it.  "If you win I will suck you off!"


"Non, ce n'est pas ca." Yoruichi cooed, "Well, not exactly anyways. 'If you win, I'll suck you.." she leaned in close to his ear, and breathed, "Dry."
 As she pulled away from him, she ran her finger along his lips, then down his exposed chest, ending up at his happy trail.  
 "You lose dear, but I've got a little reward for your efforts."


"Damn it," Rose growled, having had to guess on the last word since he didn't know it.  The real translation was much better too.
 "Oh?" he asked, not entirely sure what was going on since he couldn't see a thing.  "What would that be?"

"I need help taking off my... unmentionables," she murmured, creeping up his body so his face was between her legs, his mouth centimeters from her underwear, "I would let you use your hands, but..." she looked at his hands tied to the headboard, "They're all tied up right now."
 She kneeled there, her knees in between his head and arms, "So you'll have to be creative and find a way to help me take them off."

Rose grinned broadly as he leaned forward, kissing along her thighs for a bit, purposely evading the fabric as his mouth moved along her smooth skin.
 Finally, after he had kissed enough, his teeth clamped down over the fabric, pulling at it as much as he could before he waited for her to do the rest.  With his hands tied there was only so much he could do.

"Careful," she warned, feeling his teeth graze against her, "And hold on." She giggled, and slowly began to lift herself up, feeling the fabric slide down her hips. Somehow, she ended up standing over him, her undies at her ankles and still in his teeth. "You can let go now," she smiled, bending down to take the tie she was using as a blindfold off, the first sight he'd see being Yoruichi squatting in front of him.


The blonde man could feel Yoruichi stand up and wished badly that he could see her.  He could almost imagine what she would look like standing over him naked.
 When she undid the blindfold he blinked a bit until his eyes adjusted, his girlfriend squatting down in front of him.  Rose grinned broadly up at her.
 "Well hello there."

"Hi." she grinned back, "How're you doing today?" Idle chit chat usually meant nothing, but at this moment it could be the worst thing in the world.

"Comfortable?" she asked, "Is there anything I could get you?"

"I'm doing really, really good," Rose said, continuing to make eye contact with her, which was very hard when you had a naked Yoruichi on top of you.
 "Now that you mention it though, there is one thing..."

"Is there now? Water? Coffee? Tea? A beer perhaps?" she asked, smirking, "Whatever you want, you can probably have."

She sat in his lap, wetting her fingertip with her tongue and drawing little designs on his chest,



Rose knew what Yoruichi was expecting him to ask for, but he thought he would surprise her.  Because he did have something specific in mind.  Something that he just had to ask, that was driving him crazy.
 "What is it that you wanted to tell me on the network?"

"Oh it was nothing," she said non-chalantly, inwardly taken off guard, "Actually... I forgot."

She knew it had something to do with Rose but didn't remember just what it was...

"I completely forgot, but it must not have b-OH!" it hit her like a brick, "I remember now!" She bounced up and down in Rose's lap, half-aware of what she might be doing to him.

Rose almost went crazy at her comment.  It was seriously causing him to go nuts to not know what she was going to say.  And now she almost forgot what it is she wanted to tell him.
 "Tell me then," he said, somewhat calm for how he felt right now.  Even her bouncing was pushed from his mind as he waited for her to tell him.

"Well, 'Hime's gone now, see, and so I have the whole room to myself, and I was wondering, you know if you wanted..." she was beating around the bush and was never going to get to it.

"Because it's kinda weird being alone, see, but I don't mind it, it's just that it feels kinda empty..."

"So... like..." she wrung her hands a little and then said, ".... Never mind." and chortled awkwardly.

"No, no, please continue," Rose said, adopting a patient expression on his face.  He knew exactly what she wanted, but he wasn't going to ask it for her.
 "I think you were on to something there.  Keep going."

Yoruichi glared at him, a little frustrated with how he was trying to get her to say it instead of connecting the dots himself.

"Nah, I lost it," she said, not feeling at all guilty or bad about what she was gonna do, "Perhaps I'll remember after your punishment is through."

Rose was just a little peeved that if Yoruichi wanted him to move into her room or something like that she could at least not be so ashamed to actually ask him.  Punishment sounded either very bad or very good.
 "Punishment?" he asked her.  "What might that be?"

"You get to watch~," she giggled, biting her finger. She slid her hand from his happy trail down beneath his waistband. Slowly, she reached him, teasing his tip a little before pulling her hand back out.
 "But that's about it." She got off the bed and reached into the drawer of her nightstand, retrieving a long, black box.
 "I got myself a present. Any idea what it is?" She asked, raising her eyebrows at him.

Raising an eyebrow Rose could make a good guess as to what it was, although he would reserve judgement until he saw it.  All he could really think about was how he wished she didn't take her hand away.
 "I have no idea," he told her.  "But why don't you show me."

"I intend to," she smiled sweetly, opening the box to reveal...
 "What do you think?" she asked, pulling out a big, white... feather. "It's pretty, isn't it?" She turned the feather over in her hand, and eyed him appraisingly.

It was not what he had thought it was, which made him happy and sad all at the same time.  Rose wanted absolutely nothing with the feather.  Not one thing at all.
 "I think I don't want that near me," he said, already trying to squirm away from her.  He was going to end up crying before this was done, he knew it.

Yoruichi's grin could have put the Cheshire Cat to shame. "Oh, I think if you're open, you'd very much enjoy it."
She got off of him and took the sheets with her, tossing them aside. "But in order to be open, you'll have to be bare." Slowly, she reached to the waist of his pants, and pulled them down along with his underwear, kissing skin as it was exposed.
 Soon, she was down to his erection, purposely avoiding it with her lips as she did so. When his pants and boxers were down to his knees, she slipped them off [along with his socks] and went up to push his shirt up to his wrists.

"This is cruel you know," Rose said, holding still while she stripped him.  This was going to happen anyways, so he might as well enjoy the fun parts.
 "I think this is illegal in fact," he added.  "For us to both me naked like this and you with a feather while I'm tied up.  I'll press charges dear."

"You will?" she asked, blowing on his tip gently, "Well if I'm gonna be sued, might as well make it worth my while."
 She licked her lips and looked up at him, placing them on the tip of his head and sucking him in, making sure to swirl her tongue around it and add to the lubrication.
 Once done, she pulled him out, and blew air on the wetness, looking up to watch its effects.

Rose's toes curled as his body twitched in pleasure at her ministrations.  His breathing rapidly increased as he tried very hard not to lose his mind.  The blond man knew that there would be a reckoning for this much pleasure.
 The feather still loomed large in his mind.  He wasn't really all that ticklish normally, but a feather might just do the trick.  Rose was sure she bought it just for that purpose.

Yoruichi repeated the process one more time, and decided perhaps it was her turn to have a little fun. Lightly, she ran the feather up the middle of his chest and against his Adam's apple, moving it side to side ever so slightly.
 "It looks so nice against your skin," she smirked, noticing how beautiful the addition made Rose look. He looked like some sort of angel who was being teased with his own feathers.

Rose twitched slightly as the feather trailed up his body, causing his abs to clench as the delicate instrument passed over them.  Once it was up to his chest it didn't tickle so much.  It did tickle his neck some, but he could thrash his head enough to take care of that.
 "It would look even better against yours," Rose said.  "You should let me return the favor for you."

"Nah, I'm good." she giggled, running the feather over his pecs and tickling his nipples, "It's much funner this way."
 She alternated between nipples then moved on to his underarms, making sure to be extra delicate with the feather.

Rose let out a yelp when the feather moved under his arms.  He had wanted to keep any reactions under control so that she wouldn't think he was affected at all and lose interest in it.  Apparently that wasn't the case though.
 "No fair!" he protested, thrashing about to the best of his ability.  "You wouldn't try that if I wasn't tied up!"

"Yes I would..." Yoruichi laughed incredulously, "You should know that by now. Besides, you brought this on yourself for being a smart ass, then losing."
 An hour and a half later, Yoruichi grew bored of tickling Rose mercilessly, pausing in between to make sure he didn't get used to it. She'd abandoned the feather about half an hour back, and had used her fingers, finding she had a lot more control over Rose that way.
 "Well, I'm bored," she smiled at him, "And I'm naked. What do you think I should do with that?"


Missing Reel


Yoruichi moaned, breaking the kiss to let him pay attention to her neck and jaw. She wanted to be closer to him; to be one with him.  
  Reaching down to open her robe and direct him inside of her, she continued kissing him, expressing her mutual need for him as well. "I want... to be with you..." she said in short breaths, "One... with you."  
  She could feel him throbbing inside her as she began to move up and down, feeling him slide in and out of her. Reaching up to interlock fingers with him again, she pushed on his hands, causing his penetration to be deeper and wilder.

Rose couldn't last long, not after being brought to the edge and pushed back so many times.  Not with Yoruichi knowing exactly how to get to him, knowing all the things he loved her to do.
 "So... close..." he gasped, already feeling his muscles tighten.  "So close... so good!"

Yoruichi too was close. The combined effects of the vibrator, his touch, and his throbbing erection inside her had hastened the process that usually took several minutes. Pushing harder into him, she went back to meet with his lips, kissing him roughly as she pushed and pulled.
 She could say it now. Now would be a good time.
 "I lo-," she started to moan, but was cut off by her own cry as she came. Multiple orgasms ravished her body as she continued to push in and out with great effort so that Rose could join her.

Rose never really heard what his girlfriend was trying to say; he was already too far-gone for that sort of thing.  As she orgasmed around him Yoruichi triggered his own climax and he cried out her name in pleasure.
His entire body began to pulse and surge with pleasure as he filled her, stars lighting up behind his eyes as his idea of pleasure was redefined, his body being reminded just how good it felt.

Yoruichi felt him spasm and she thrust a couple more times so that he could get a full orgasm, then went limp on him, exhausted from the pleasure. Her mind hazy she murmured, "That was amazing..."
Barely able, she undid the belt, freeing his hands.

"Imagine if I had my hands," he gasped, wrapping his arms around her body and holding her closely, feeling their hearts pound against each other.  It was the second most wonderful feeling Rose knew.
"That was fun though," he admitted, kissing softly at her neck.  "Torturous, but fun."

"I couldn't agree more," she muttered, looking up at him and kissing his chin, then reaching down to undo her robe, casting it off along with his shirt.
"I want to be with you... for a long time," she whispered to him, getting as close as she could to "I love you." Laying her head on him again, she asked, "Would you be okay with that?"

Rose ran his fingers through her damp hair, lightly kissing her whenever her skin pressed against his lips.  He could feel the energy slowly draining out of his body as his mind tried to come into focus.
 "Only if it's... a really, really long time," he said, smiling lazily at her.  "Deal?"

"Deal," she smiled, yawning a bit, "Do you ever get the feeling you'll fall asleep today and wake up years in the future, with the same person saying good morning to you, and not know where the time in between went?"
 It was a strange question, but if it happened to her, and when she woke Rose was still holding her, it might not be so bad to lose a couple years.

"I don't think I ever have," Rose admitted, although he was sure he would now.  It was be odd, just close your eyes and wake up years from now.
"Although, if I think back three years from now, if I have fallen asleep then and woken up now..."  He grinned at her and kissed her forehead.  "I would think I'd hit the jackpot."

"Always a flatterer," she smiled, kissing his chest before snuggling into him, already drifting off.
"G'n't," she mumbled, before taking a deep breath and falling asleep.


Rose flashed Yoruichi  his most charming smile as she curled up against his chest and began to drift off.  If he woke up a few years from now and was still with Yoruichi... well that was all he could really as for he supposed.  Whatever else went on, he thought as long as that happened, he would be happy.


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