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Continuation of last BA log

Ichigo shrugged. "Neither do I," he said. They continued to walk, and reached the guy's dorm. He led them up to his room, and opened the door. Looking inside and seeing that Gin wasn't there, he opened it wider and held it open for her to walk in.
Musing to herself, Mashiro walked into the room and looked about. It hadn't changed as far as she could tell, but they rarely did it seemed. It was hard to move the furniture around, it being heavy, and the room being small. "Can I open the window?" She asked, pointing. It was nice outside and the room felt rather warm.

Ichigo followed her in and let the door shut itself. "Sure," he said, then walked over and took a seat on his bed.
Going to the nearest window, Mashiro unlocked and opened it easily, lifting it up as far as it could go. Smiling, she headed back over to Ichigo and sat beside him. "Thanks."

Ichigo nodded. "No problem," he said. He leaned back on the bed, his head leaning on the wall. Now that they were here, he wasn't sure what they would do, though he knew they were both fine with just sitting.

Looking ahead at Gin's side of the room, Mashiro sighed softly and leaned back beside Ichigo as well. Her eyes closed and she kicked her feet, though her knees didn't reach the edge of the bed when she pulled herself back toward the wall. "I feel so lazy now!"

"Heh, nothing wrong with being lazy," Ichigo said. Acting sort of instinctively, he put an arm around Mashiro, holding her close to him.

 Leaning into him, Mashiro rest her head against his shoulder with a hum to herself and scooted in. "So nice..." She muttered, possibly unaware of it.

Ichigo looked down when she spoke, and smiled. "Yeah," he said, then rested his own head on hers.

Comfortable, Mashiro's left hand reached across her and sat on his chest as if feeling for his heartbeat. "Ichigo, do you think we'll stay together?" She asked softly. She wasn't sure why, and again probably was only half conscious of what she was saying however, she'd remember his answer nonetheless.

His eyes glanced down at her. "Yeah, why do you ask?" he replied. He wasn't sure exactly what she meant, like if she meant forever, or til they were out of school, but he said yes and meant it.

 She shrugged slightly. "Just curious," Mashiro replied but was smiling and snuggled against him further. "But I'm glad."

Ichigo smiled and pulled her closer. "Good, me too," he said. He tilted his head down and gave her a kiss on her cheek, then returned it to its previous spot.

Giggling, Mashiro opened her eyes to see him and then turned his head back down to her. "Like you can get out of it," she teased and then kissed the corner of his lip gently.

"Heh, that's true," Ichigo said, then returned the kiss to her lips. "But I don't want to get out of it, so everything works out," he said, breaking the kiss for a moment to speak.

 "Good," Mashiro smiled and gave a tiny nod before kissing him again, hand still upon his chest so she didn't fall over.

 As Ichigo continued the kiss, his other hand which was doing nothing at the moment, went around her also.

The girl sighed, most probably unintentionally, from delight as she let her tongue trail along his lips gently, fingers curling over the collar of his shirt. Bright hair fell over her closed eyes as she shifted in her seat with her body turned at the thips and chest against his side.

 Ichigo took a breath, then as he felt her tongue go along his lips, he opened his mouth to hers. His own tongue extended out and lightly played with hers.

Mashiro wasn't sure why she enjoyed this so much, maybe it was because she felt different and better, or perhaps it was the sheer act of doing something people didn't expect of her. Either way, it was a good feeling that she never wanted to give up. Another soft sigh, breath warm, the pink muscle in her mouth toyed back with Ichigo's teasingly.

Ichigo also enjoyed this, but it was simply because he liked it, and her. His tongue continued to play with hers, and he found himself leaning back onto the bed, so they were laying down on it, him beneath her.

Breaking the kiss for a moment, Mashiro looked down at Ichigo and smiled at him before returning to their kiss. Her fingers got lost in his hair, her own slowly falling down past her ears to drape over his jaw.

 "Gin better not walk in right now," Ichigo thought as he continued to kiss her. His arms stayed around her, his hands at her lower back.

Mashiro didn't much worry about anything, Hiyori probably was too worried about finding them like this (again) and Gin must have had better things to do. Though, what's to say his better things to do weren't in this room?

Lips leaving his, Mashiro kissed at his jaw gently with her teeth nibbling at his skin so softly it's like she was hardly there. Her left hand found its way out of his hair and ran over his neck, fingers splaying across his flesh before running to his shoulder and side. She was compelled, but had never done such a thing, and didn't seem to notice she was once more on autopilot.

Ichigo smirked as she did that. The kissing his jaw part wasn't new, but the gentle biting and hand wandering around was. And he liked it. "Where you learning these new things at?" he asked as she continued.

She shrugged, lips touching his throat. "I dunno," her voice whispered softly. "I just do it..."

 Ichigo nodded. "Well, good job," he whispered back. He left his head where it was so she could continue.

 Smiling, Mashiro resumed her kisses as her hand found rest around his lower ribs. Eyes closed, she saw with her lips up and down his neck and throat, his collar and jaw without moving much other than her fingers toying with the fabric of his shirt.

 Ichigo's eye's widened as he realized something. Instinct had taken over and made his hand wander to her breast. He quickly moved it away, his face turning a bit red. "Eh, sorry"

 Her breath caught, she stopped kissing him, and pushed herself up to look at his hand before he moved it away. She then laughed, fingers brushing over his red cheeks as she looked down at him. "It's... okay..." Mashiro muttered, not sure if it was or not but it seemed acceptable. She certainly found nothing wrong it, though no one ever told her what was morally right when it came to this sort of thing.

Ichigo gave an awkward chuckle, then smiled lightly, glad she hadn't gotten mad or shrieked or something. He wasn't sure what to say right now, but he had to say something. "Heh, you wanna keep kissing? I can control myself"

 "Are you sure about that?" Mashiro teased, lowering herself back down and kissing his jaw again.

Ichigo smirked and nodded. "Yup, hands will be under control," he said, returning them to their previous spot on her back.

 Giggling softly, she nibbled on his skin again, right up near his ear where all the sensitive spots were. She didn't know of this, of course, but it would be handy information to know later on.

 "Damn," Ichigo thought. He liked what her instincts were telling her to do. "See? They're not moving," he said with a smirk, as his hands didn't move.

 Mashiro continued, but spoke quietly. "I liked it better when they moved..." her voice muttered as she kept on going.

 Ichigo's eyes widened a bit as he glanced to the side towards her. "Really," he mumbled out, keeping his hands where they were for the moment.

She nodded, pushing herself up slightly to look at him. "Is that bad?"

 He looked into her eyes and smirked. "Not at all," he said, as his hands moved lightly across her back.

 Smiling, Mashiro caught his mouth on hers as her hands proceeding to find their places in his hair and on his ribs once more.

 Ichigo returned the kiss happily, since his own lips had been unoccupied for a little while there. As he did that, his hands continued moving, and to tease her, he moved them around her torso and then away, onto the bed.

Her mind spoke out, wanting to shout at him for teasing her like that, but her body suddenly ached and she wasn't sure why. The ache wasn't something like a pain, more like a want that felt insatiable. Muttering something about "don't do that" her lips tore from his in retaliation.

 He smirked again. "Well, sorry," he said, then pushed his head up to kiss her again. His hands followed suit and returned to her body, trailing along the side of her torso.

 Mashiro groaned in annoyance, unable to help herself as she kissed him. Why did it feel so good? No matter where his hands went she was sure it would feel the same, but nonetheless she didn't want them anywhere else.

 "You complain when I move them away, then groan when I put them back, just what do you want?" Ichigo asked. He broke the kiss for a moment to ask, and of course with a smirk. His hands paused for a moment, on her side near her stomach.

She looked like she was in some sort of distress. "I don't know!" The green-haired girl said loudly as she rest the side of her face on his chest. "I really don't know."

 The smirk quickly dissapeared as Ichigo frowned. His hands went from her side to her back as he took her in a hug. "Sorry, I was just teasing"

 "Well that I know," Mashiro replied as she hugged him with her forearms along his sides. "What I don't know is why I'm feeling like this and how come I want it really bad."

"Well, my guess is you like it and want it because it feels good," Ichigo replied. The sentence sounded worse than what it applied to, and he realized that..

 Hand covering her mouth, she giggled for a short time before calming down and leaving her with a smile on her face. "Okay." Was all Mashiro could say in answer to that.

 Ichigo smiled. "All better now?" he asked, glad to see a smile now instead of that distressed look. 

 "Hehe, yeah." She nodded at Ichigo and traced circles on his chest. "So..."

 "So, this I suppose," Ichigo said, then leaned his head up and kissed her again. He kept his arms in their hugging position for now.

"Mmhm," Mashiro agreed and returned the kiss as she had started some minutes ago. Ah, much better.

It was much better, and Ichigo continued with the kiss. His hands began moving, lightly going from the hug back to her sides.

 Leaving her mouth where it was to kiss him wholely, Mashiro moved her left hand from tracing circles on his chest to his neck and then down his side. Again she didn't know what she was doing or why, but it felt nice under her hand. He was, after all, well built. One cannot deny this.

 Ichigo smirked into the kiss as he felt her own hand travel, then he opened his mouth, awaiting hers to do so as well. One hand stayed at her side, and one hand decided to test the waters and moved to her front, close but not on her breast.

Smirking, Mashiro parted her lips after kissing his for a short time. Her body shivered under his touch, wanting more but unable to ask.
IchigoKurosaki09 (5:10:04 PM): Ichigo's tongue resumed its playing with hers as it had been doing before their moment of awkwardness. His hands stayed in their position for a moment, then moved, trailing along her side.

Hand leaving his side, it slowly moved up his abs and chest with fingers spread and palm against the fabric of his shirt. Hair falling into her face, Mashiro's free hand moved it out of the way before falling back against his lips and licking them gently before finding his tongue once again. Knees bent, feet up behind her, the girl heard nothing except the beating of their hearts.

Ichigo's tongue continued what it was doing, playing with hers. His hands went from her sides to back around her front, and they brushed over her breasts as he let his instinct take over a little.

 She shivered again, a sensation traveling up her spine, and she kissed him harder. Mashiro couldn't explain it, but she didn't want to, it felt so good and so right that it didn't matter. Fingers against his chest, they moved and she rest her elbows upon the bed. She mentally kicked herself, and suddenly hated the design of her outfit, because one could not just remove the gloves without removing the entire piece. Damn.

 Ichigo felt her shiver, and smirked. She did like that. He waited a bit, his hands traveling around her sides, then repeated the action. All the while he continued kissing her, his tongue doing what it had been doing.

 Ichigo felt her shiver, and smirked. She did like that. He waited a bit, his hands traveling around her sides, then repeated the action. All the while he continued kissing her, his tongue doing what it had been doing.

 Yet again she shivered, and she pulled back from him to look into his face. "You're doing that on purpose," Mashiro whispered with a smirk.

Ichigo's hands moved onto the bed, and he looked up at her, returning the smirk. "And is that a bad thing?" he whispered back.

 After a deep breath she shook her head and yanked off her scarf. "No..." she replied softly and lay down next to him. "What's bad is this suit. I officially hate it."

 Ichigo moved from laying on his back to on his side, and he smirked. "Why do you hate it?"

 She sighed and kissed Ichigo's jaw and throat gently. "Because I can't just take off my gloves," the girl explained between gentle kisses.

 "Oh," Ichigo said as she kissed him. "So you have to take off the whole thing just to take off the gloves?" he asked.

 "Well I can pull it down," Mashiro continued while pecking at his skin. "Like when I check for the rain."

 "Oh yeah," Ichigo said with a slight nod, he remembered when she had done that. "But still, you'd think they would make it so you could just take off the gloves"

"But if they came off they'd be no good in battle," she pouted and lay against his arm.

"Well," Ichigo said, thinking. "They could make it so it wouldn't just come off, but you could take off just the gloves if you wanted," he said. He rested his head against hers.

 "Genius," Mashiro laughed softly and twisted his shirt around her finger before letting go. The fabric was slightly wrinkled from the twist, but she smoothed it out slowly.

 Ichigo smirked. "I know," he said, then put his head forward and gave her a light kiss, then pulled it back.
Smiling, she looked up at Ichigo and then returned his kiss, pulling him back down. "I don't want to leave."

Ichigo smirked into the kiss. "Then don't," he said, as he didn't want her to leave as well.

 "I won't," Mashiro nuzzled her cheek against him gently with a sigh, hand making small circles on his chest as she closed her eyes. It was so nice to just be held that she felt tired, like the comfort of the sun.

 Ichigo smirked and held her close to him. "Good," he said. He was a bit tired as well, and thus yawned a bit.

 Giggling, she put her hand over his mouth gently. "Don't be a hippo," Mashiro teased while pulling her hand away, curling up comfortably beside him.

 "Heh, a hippo?" Ichigo asked, keeping her close to him, his arms around her. He smirked. "Never been called a hippo before"

 "Well, you were being one," she sounded drowsy, her fingers moving slower until coming to a stop to just lay there upon his torso.

 "Yawning makes me a hippo?" Ichigo asked, noticing her drowsy tone. "Tired I see, me too," he said, though he figured she had guessed that from his yawn.

 Nodding, Mashiro said nothing and sighed heavily as she relaxed into his side. So warm and cozy, no reason to move... not ever...

Ichigo smirked as he closed his eyes. "Have a good sleep," he whispered, and with another slight yawn, drifted away.


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