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The last BA log

Who: Ichigo and Mashiro
When: 9/5
What: She gets some skates and learns how to use themFORESHADOWING, Ichi shows up. She skates for a bit and he watches, then they go get her shoes, for to get slushies. They find the slushie machine to be broken! OH NOES! So Ichigo takes her to his room, and fluffiness ensues. A tad bit of awkwardness, then they fall asleep.

This was not going to be good, not at all. A small girl on a set of eight wheels strapped to her feet didn’t sound as if it would bode well. However, Mashiro wanted to try her hand at roller skating. Thusly, she went out and bought herself a pair of semi-used but still new-looking skates that fit nicely. Today, a warm and sunny day, she was going to try her hand at skating. She was alone, but it didn’t seem to bother her, as she sat on the steps and clicked the straps over her feet and ankles to lock the wheeled shoes in place.

Getting to her feet, one hand on the rail, Mashiro stood there and sighed while finding her balance. "This isn’t so hard,” she mused to herself as she let go of the rail and clung to it not a second later. She’d wobbled; wobbling didn’t feel good; wobbling made one fall.

Bored, Ichigo decided to walk around the campus, and search for something to do. He spotted Mashiro's green hair, and smirked. Walking over to her, he saw she was on roller skates. He chuckled a bit, knowing she would probably fall at some point. He got up close to her from behind and leaned on the rail. "Boo"

"It only works if I don't know you're there," Mashiro said over her shoulder with a smile back at him. Being on the skates, her senses were hightened out of a worry and habit. Upon trying different things (things out of the normal anyhow) she always got a little edgy and her sensory system went into over-drive. "How are you?" Mashiro then asked, smiling still, letting go of the rail to cling to him instead.

"Well at least I tried. And I'm good. You?" Ichigo asked, smirking as she grabbed onto him. He put his arms around her and held her so she wouldn't fall. "Heh, trying skates huh?"

"I thought they'd be fun!" She replied happily as she clutched the front of his shirt, her legs slipping around under her before stopping and she found her balance once more. "But I'm good too." Looking down beyond both her arms and his, Mashiro checked out her feet. "This is hard," the girl informed him, in case he didn't know.

"I won't, I'll get awesome at these things. Pro." Mashiro smiled and let go of him proudly, as if she had already mastered the skates.

 "Heh, I'm sure you will," Ichigo said, letting go of her as well, letting her test her "mastery" of the skates.

Instantly she rolled backward and tried to reach out for Ichigo, but missed. "Ah!" She cried, and fell onto her hands and knees with a soft 'ow' and then sighed. Getting up was so hard too.

Ichigo smirked, then reached down and picked her up, setting her on her feet. "Good job, Ms.Pro"

 "I thought it was a great first go," she responded with a pout as she dusted off her palms. Once standing, she thanked him.

 "You're welcome. And it was a great try, you fell awesomely," Ichigo said with a smirk. Though he teased her, he didn't have much room to talk, since he had less balance than she did, and would probably fall also.

 "Awesomely is so not a word," she teased back, poking him as she finally managed to stand there. Mashiro was shaky on the skates, but she was standing.

 "Is too," Ichigo said, then gave her a slight poke back. "Do you really want to have another poke fight when you're on those?"

 "No no!" Mashiro held up her hands to stop him, and then paused when she realized she was rolling backward. Looking down, her hands fell to her sides as she moved, smiling and trying to hold back a laugh. She wasn't sure why it was funny, but it was.

 Looking down at her rolling skates then up at her, Ichigo smirked. "What, trying to get away from me?" he said, then followed her at the speed which she was rolling.

Of course she wasn't going fast, but she was moving slowly and still standing; it was, over all, a plus. "No, but I don't know how to stop yet." Mashiro replied, giggling as she looked at him.

 Ichigo laughed a bit, then looked at her with the smirk still on his face. "That's kind of important. You should learn that soon," he said.

 "Well don't I have to learn to move first?" She asked, glancing behind her carefully and shaking as she did so. "I'm coasting, that doesn't really count."

 "Yeah, move without falling, then stopping," Ichigo said, watching her as she rolled and he followed. "No, not really," he said, replying to her second comment.

 Staring at her feet, and knowing that the strange cap on the toe was for stopping, she leaned her right foot forward and lifted up her heel. Surprisingly, she didn't stop, and wondered why. Mashiro had, however, slown down a great deal from her already slow speed. Bringing her heel farther up, she eventually came to a stop and looked at Ichigo happily. "Ta da."

 Ichigo smirked and clapped a few times. "Good job, you can stop yourself when you're barely moving," he said, teasing her again. "Now try moving faster"

 Nodding, she pushed off with her right foot (as it was already grounded) and moved forward away from Ichigo. Up the sidewalk she skated, teetering left and right but keeping herself up. Mashiro let herself slow a bit, not sure she'd be able to stop at the "speed" she'd been going. Her hand reached out for the rail once more as her left toe dug into the cement. With a small thud she threw herself into the grass to her right, seeing as she wasn't about to stop and colliding with the stairs was not a good idea. "This is so hard!"

 Ichigo watched her skate, then walked over to her when she fell. "Eh, you'll get it. You okay?" he said, then sat next to her.

 "Yeah, I fell on the grass." Mashiro informed him with a nod as she rolled onto her rear and leaned on her hands with her legs stretched out in front of her. "It's tricky, but I will get it."

 Ichigo nodded, then looked upwards at the sky. "Yeah, just practice or whatever. That supposedly helps," he said.

 "It's said to make perfect," she agreed and looked at Ichigo before turning her chocolate eyes up to the sky as well. "And what have you been perfecting?"

 Ichigo shrugged. "Dunno what I have to perfect," he said, looking down from the sky to her.

Mashiro looked back to him when she felt his gaze on her. "Maybe... you need to work on... um, your speed." The wheels on her feet brought around the topic, because she felt she could go much faster (in a usual, non-Vaizard power assisted fashion) with them on.

Ichigo thought about it, his speed, and it reminded him of his spar with Grimmjow, when he wasn't fast enough to hit him unless he went into bankai, and still wasn't fast enough to avoid being knocked out. "Yeah, I need to get faster," he said, his face forming a scowl.

 Mashiro pouted, she hadn't expected him to look upset. "Do you want to know the secret to go super fast like me?" She asked, looking at him seriously.

 Ichigo looked at her, and smirked. "Ok, sure. Tell me how to go super fast," he said.

 "I can't just tell you," she replied and rolled onto her knees. "First you have to help me skate."

Ichigo let out a big fake sigh. "There's always a catch," he said with a smirk. He got up on his feet and looked at her. "Okay, I'll help you," he said.

 "Would you stand up there?" She asked and pointed at the end of the short sidewalk she was practicing on. "So you can catch me if I can't stop?"

 Ichigo nodded and walked to where she pointed, then turned and looked at her. He gave a thumbs-up, showing he was ready.

 Taking a breath, Mashiro put her hands on her hips and looked at her feet once more before pushing off. She was more comfortable this time around, and seemed to be a very fast learner of things. Skating, she dragged the right toe to slow down and then dug in to stop. Smiling, she set her foot down and then slipped, grabbing Ichigo's arm to keep her up as her knees came together and held her awkwardly.

 Ichigo watched as she skated towards him. She was doing good, up until she fell and grabbed him. He smirked as he pulled up to her feet. "Almost"

 She smiled as she stood, glad he was there to catch her and help her. Skating wasn't something she'd tried before, but it was now something she was determined to get right. Letting go of Ichigo, she skated back to the stairs and managed to stand. Turning around was clunky, but she managed, and then headed back to Ichigo. Again she stopped and smiled, glad she hadn't fallen. "Yay!"

Ichigo smirked. "Yeah, you got it. Good job," he said. Her turns probably could be improved on, but she had done good for being on a small sidewalk. "And now that I've helped, what's your big secret to being fast?"

 Pausing and stepping over onto the grass, where she couldn't roll anywhere, she gave him a look. "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

 Ichigo nodded with a smirk. "I think I can handle it," he said while looking at her.

 Mashiro nodded. "Okay, well, first you have to be able to shunpo." She said. "You can do that right?"

 "Of course," Ichigo said with a nod. He didn't use it a lot, but he could do it.

 "Alright." She nodded again and looked him in the face. "Do you use it?"

"It as in," Ichigo said, unsure of what she meant. "My hollow?" he asked, unintentionally getting a bit quieter when he said it, as to hide it from anyone who might be listening.

 Mashiro threw her head back and sighed with a laugh. "No, do you shunpo?"

"Oh," Ichigo said, feeling a bit dumb now. "Yes, not a lot, but I do use it," he said.

 She looked concerned. "So how do you usually fight?" She asked, worried. Shunpo was important, you were only as fast as your shunpo.

Ichigo shrugged. "I just use my normal speed usually. I've never really had to use it when I fight," he said.

 Mashiro sighed, as if sad or disappointed in him. "Shunpo is important, it's how I got superfast."

Ichigo gave her a confused look. "I know it's important, and I can do it. I just haven't needed to ye-" he said, then stopped himself. If he had used shunpo in his spar with Grimmjow, he could have gave him more than that cut on his shoulder. He looked at Mashiro and nodded. "I'll use it more"

Smiling, she took his arm and hugged it gently. "Good, because that's my secret."

 Ichigo smirked. "Well thank you for sharing," he said, then pulled her in close to him with the arm she was attached to. "So what should we do now, now that you've 'mastered' skating?"

 "This isn't mastered. It's novice!" She replied but rest her head on his forearm gently. "But I have nothing in mind, sitting is fine if we must."

 "Well do you want to keep practicing? I'm good with that, or just sitting," he said, looking down at her on his arm.
 "Maybe a little more practice," Mashiro said and slowly get go, looking at the grass then the sidewalk, and finally the larger expanse of flat cement behind Ichigo. "I want to go over there."

 "Okay," Ichigo said, turning to walk that way. He then turned his head to look at her. "You go first, so I can help you up if you fall"

 Mashiro did as instructed, getting off the grass and skating forward ahead of him. She found it much easier, now that she'd been in the skates for a period of time, and came to a slow stop several years into the middle of the space.

 Ichigo followed after her, watching. She was a lot better than when he had first saw her try it. He stopped near her in the center of the cement area.

 "You should try this," she said with her usual smile as she stood there for a moment before starting to make little circles around him. Ah, so she could turn after all.

 Her turning was better, Ichigo saw as he watched her. "Heh, I'd probably fall more than you did"

 "I doubt it," Mashiro came to a slow rolling stop in front of Ichigo, hands coming out to rest lightly up on his shoulders to stop her completely. "You're good at everything."

 "Eh," Ichigo said with a shrug, "I'm good at stuff, but you have better balance than I do, so I'd fall a bit more than you, then get it" he said, figuring that would be how it happened, like with the surfing.

 She smirked and bounced on her knees with her nod. "Mhm, sure." She scrunched her nose cutely as she smiled before letting go and drifting backward without effort or worry.

 "It's true," he said as he continued watching her. "Remember when we went surfing? You got that before I did"

 "I catch on fast," Mashiro explained, as if he didn't know. "But that doesn't mean I don't suck."

"Yeah, I guess it doesn't," Ichigo said with a smirk. "Anyway, I probably won't be trying it. The falling doesn't appeal to me"

 "Did you ever learn to ride a bike?" She asked, stopping in her circles. "I didn't."

"Yeah. I learned how to, but never really rode one a lot," Ichigo said, then looked down at her skates. "I think it's easier than skates, but I wouldn't know"

"Me neither," Mashiro looked at her feet and then took his hands. "Pull me?" She smiled.

 Ichigo smirked then nodded, and started pulling her around on the cement. "So now that you can go in a straight line and turn without falling, is it fun?" he asked.

"Yeah!" She nodded with a grin as she went along, leaning her rear back so she didn't topple over as she was pulled. "I really think you should try."

"And I really think I would fall," Ichigo said with a smirk. He continued to pull her along, occasionally glancing over his shoulder so he wouldn't walk backwards into something.

"I'll hold you up," Mashiro continued to smile as she moved her feet, out and in making a strange sort of wave on either side.

 "You're not going to give up until I try them huh?" Ichigo asked. He turned them around, as they were about to walk into the grass, where the wheels wouldn't work as good.

 She sighed heavily and dramatically. "If you're really not gonna try, I guess I'll stop."

 Ichigo smirked and shook his head. "I might try them sometime," he said. He took them to his left to dodge a lightpost.

 Mashiro giggled. "Good, it's fun. Especially since I'm not doing anything!"

 "Yeah, you're just rolling along, and I'm doing all the work," Ichigo said in an annoyed tone, but then smirked to show he was kidding.

 "You always whine, wah wah wah." She said back in her own whiny voice. "Me, me, me. Why isn't it ever about me?" She made a pouty face that was almost more adorable than a puppy.

 "Well maybe if you weren't so naggy," he said with a scowl and fake angry tone. "Complaining about everything, being bossy"

 "I am not bossy!" She said, still faking it but raising her voice as if angry. "You're just so impatient!"

 "Well you're annoying!" he said, getting in her face with a scowl. He turned again to avoid the grass, continuing to pull her as they fake-argued.

 "What?!" Mashiro cried, psudo-shocked. "You're a jerk!"

 Ichigo glared. "Fine, be that way," he said, then let go of her hands, then stepped out of her way and gave her a slight push.

 Gasping, she stepped forward with  the skate and swayed until she got going. "I'll get you for that." Mashiro replied and turned around, skating toward him faster than she'd been aware she would go.

 Ichigo turned around to look, then smirked. He was about to step out of the way, but she was going faster than he thought she was, so he couldn't dodge in time. He toppled over when she hit him, and landed on his back.

 Mashiro laughed as she landed on Ichigo, rolling off to lay on her back beside him in a fit of giggles. "Why didn't you move?" She asked through her laughter.

 Ichigo was laughing a bit as well. "I couldn't move in time. I thought you were going slower than you actually were," he said, smirking.

 "I wonder if I can shunpo in these," she lifted her right foot off the ground and straight up into the air with a unique flexibily most people probably couldn't pull off.

 "Hm, I don't know if wheels would work with shunpo," he said, looking at the skates.

 "I don't either." Mashiro agreed. "But it'd be cool."

 "Heh, yeah. It would be. Kinda funny to see also, a shinigami or vizard fighting with skates," Ichigo said with a smirk.

 "They do it on this show I saw," she said, sounding rather put out. "They race, but it ending in fighting a lot."

"Really. Well, since they're meant to race it isn't that funny," Ichigo said. "You like the show?"

 "No, it was dumb." Mashiro shook her head. "I only watched it once."

 "Ah," Ichigo said. He sat up with his legs crossed, then looked at her. "Heh, you wanna try it, don't you?"

 "Try what?" She looked at him and put her leg down, getting up onto her elbows. Mashiro hadn't spaced out, no way.

 Ichigo smirked. "Shunpo on the skates"

 "Oh, well yeah. But I don't think I could do it, so I won't." She smiled, giggling softly after speaking and blushing softly. He so had to know she'd blanked out.

 He did, but didn't say anything. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea," he said with a smirk.

 Mashiro looked away before leaning forward and going to unstrap the shoes. They hurt her feet a bit, but it was most likely because of the fact that she wasn't used to them and they weren't the proper size.

 Ichigo watched as she took off her skates. "You got other shoes?" he asked. It wouldn't be good to go around without shoes.

 "No. I left them..." She paused and looked around. "I don't know. Maybe back at the stairs."

 Ichigo nodded, and got up to go check. Reaching the stairs he looked around, not spotting anything. He returned to her, and sat back down. "No shoes there"

 Mashiro made a face as she thought and then shrugged. "They must be in my room," she said, which was odd considering she could have sworn she wore them downstairs.

 "Well should we go get them?" Ichigo asked, getting up again. He now thought he shouldn't have sat down then, but it didn't matter now.

"Depends on where you're taking me," she teased as she got to her feet, taking a skate in either hand.

 Ichigo smirked. "Well you didn't expect we'd just stay sitting here did you?" he asked, looking at her. Though they both were fine with just sitting, they always seemed to eventually get up and do something.

"No, not really." Mashiro smiled. "But where are we going?" She asked, still smiling as she walked up to him.

 Ichigo shrugged. "Wherever we end up going I suppose," he said. He didn't really have a plan for them, but they would find somewhere to go.

 "Sounds great," she took a step off while moving both skates to one hand so she could take his with the other.

Ichigo took her hand and headed towards the girl's dorm. "Hm, slushie after we get your shoes?" he asked. They could get a slushie to share, then walk around. Sounded like a good plan

"I'd love that," Mashiro grinned and walked in step with Ichigo. Mm, she actually had curbed back on the slushies and realized now that she quite missed them.

Ichigo nodded. "Alright," he said, and continued heading for her dorm. "Heh, I haven't had one in a while"

 "I haven't either, I wonder if they got anything new." She sounded excited, and she was, because it was a sweet drink she really couldn't get enough of. Few things ranked higher.

"Maybe," Ichigo said. They reached the dorm, and headed to her room. "Here we are," he said.

 Taking her hand from his, Mashiro opened the door and led him inside after peeking in to make sure she wasn't interupting Rangiku. She wasn't, the young woman wasn't there, and motioned for Ichigo to come in if he like. Tossing the skates onto her bed, the green haired girl looked around for her boots.

 Ichigo followed her in, and closed the door. He stood there waiting, then when he saw her start to look around, he glanced around the room to see if he could spot them.

 "I don't know where they went!" Mashiro cried out as she fell to her knees to check under the bed. Nothing. Maybe they were in the closet. She checked, and groaned when she couldn't find them there either.

 Ichigo smirked. "Did you wear them to go get the skates?" he asked. He moved from his spot to look around more, in spots he thought she hadn't checked.
"Yes, but then I had to wear them back." She said on her bed and thought, the skates sinking in behind her. "I dunno where they are!" Mashiro looked sadly at the closet and rummaged around for another pair of shoes, which she had, somewhere, from that date that felt ages ago.

 Ichigo gave up on looking, and stood up with a sigh. "I can't find anything," he said.

 "I can't either, how dumb." Mashiro made a face and pulled on some sneakers. "Where could I have put them? Shoes don't disappear, unless they're Shinji's."

 Ichigo shrugged. "I don't know, but you'll find them eventually," he said, then smirked. "Where do Shinji's shoes go?"

 "Wonderwice takes them I hear," she shrugged. "Eats them maybe... I dunno."

 Ichigo laughed. "Poor Shinji. You done?" he asked when her shoes were on.

 "Yeah," Mashiro nodded and stood up. "Lets go!"

 Ichigo nodded and headed towards the door, and opened it, then walked out. He held his arm out and kept the door open for her.

 Walking by him into the hall, she thanked him and then held out her hand for his. "It'll lock on it's own."

 "Okay," Ichigo said, releasing the door and taking her hand. He walked away as the door swung shut, and he heard a little 'click' as it locked. He started to walk to the exit.

 In silence, just glad to be with him, Mashiro strolled along beside Ichigo out of the dorm and toward the cafe on the otherside of the unit.

Ichigo continued walking them along towards the cafe. "Anyplace you want to go after we get the slushie? If there isn't I'm good with just walking around or whatever," he said to her.

 "I hadn't thought of anything," she replied with a shrug and tried to perhaps conjure an answer. "Walking is fine with me." Smiling, Mashiro stood up on her toes quickly and kissed his cheek.

Ichigo smirked. "Alright," he said, then leaned down and returned the kiss to her own cheek. "We'll walk then"

 Smiling, Mashiro arrived at the cafe with Ichigo and looked at the slushie options today. Gasping, she nearly cried. "It's not working..." Her hand covered her mouth in shock.

Ichigo frowned. "That's not good," he said, looking at the dysfunctional slushie machines. He looked at her, and tried to think of something else. "Uh, is there a place in town we could go to get slushies?"

 "Not that I know of," she said with a sigh. "But it's okay, I'll get one another time."

 "Alright," Ichigo said. He thought of something they could do, since they had no slushie to get. "You wanna go to my room?" he asked, all he could think of.

Mashiro considered and then nodded. "Alright." She replied, smiling. What could happen?

 Ichigo smirked. He took her hand again then led her out of the cafe, heading towards the guy's dorm.

 Walking alongside, she leaned her head on his forearm gently. "Sorry for making you come all the way down," the girl apologized softly, though it wasn't her fault.

 Ichigo looked at her and lightly smiled. "You didn't make me come down here," he said.

 She shrugged. "Well, I should have like... slushie ESP or something." Mashiro giggled. "I should know if it's broken."

 "Heh, it would make sense for you to have something like that, all the slushies you drink," Ichigo said, with a teasing smirk.

Grinning, she nodded. "It would, I don't know why I don't!"


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