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朽木 ルキア★ Kuchiki Rukia

Papa Smurf

Who: Grimmjow and Rukia
When: After this
What: She breaks the news.
Warnings: Language.

"Better go find him now." Rukia said to herself as she walked first to the dining hall, she was slightly hungry and one couldn't drop this kind of bombshell on an empty stomach...that and she was stalling for time.

Grimmjow was still thinking about what Rukia did to him the other night. Damn that woman... he growled in a breath, though in the same time had to smile. If this is what happened everytime he pissed her off... he'd have to do it more often... He brushed his hair back once before setting his hands in his pockets. And as if the universe was agreeing with his trail of thoughts, there Rukia was, walking towards the dining hall. Smirking slightly, he walked over and moved behind her. "Now where the hell've you been all day?" He growled softly, leaning in to whisper against the back of her ear.

Rukia pulled away and smiled but couldn't bring herself to kiss him. Damn him for showing up when she was stalling to see him. "H-hey there, Grimmy." She said, her voice wavered with the nervousness she had about the news waiting for him.

Her boyfriend arched an eyebrow, glaring down at her. "Well, dont sound so damn happy to see me sweetheart. You still recovering from the payback?" She sure was acting weird... and he could've sworn there was a different scent that was mild... that lingered on her. What was it? "...Whats with the look?"

"No no, everything's fine." Her smile broadened as if to reassure him but her inner world was in turmoil. "I'm very happy to see you, Grimmy." She ran her hand down the side of his face. "Nothing's wrong..." ...yet. She still had to tell him and the idea of it still made her want to hide under a rock.

He grinned slightly, "Alright then." He reached up and held her hand and bit at a couple fingers. "...I'm hungry, so unless you want me to have you for dinner, I'm going to get some food. Coming?" He put her hand down and started walking. Grimmjow opened the door to the dining hall, still trying to figure out what that smell on her was.

"Ah sure.." She followed behind him and watched him. What she was hiding could really change their relationship, it was light and playful now so she wanted to keep it this way as long as possible. "I'm hungry too..." She tried to fake sounding her usual self but was failing miserably at it.

Grimmjow stood in line, after grabbing a sandwich and something to drink. He got in line and waited for Rukia to catch up with her own food. "Thats right, I didnt get a chance to tell you yet, huh? 'Ol Nii-san talked to me."

"Oh?" Rukia started grabbing all that looked appetizing...which as a majority of what was in line. "What did you two talk about?" She asked trying not to sound as interested as she really was as she grabbed a bowl of green jello.

"Well," Grimmjow threw some bills onto the counter and laughed. "He came to me because he wanted to talk to you. Lets just say one thing led to another and our dear brother got the impression that I'm taking advantage of you." He grinned. "Lets just say he's not happy."

"I knew it would things would end up terrible between you two. You aren't the type he likes to deal with." She said with a deep frown. Great, her brother would not be pleased at all, at least if this was someone he could tolerate it wouldn't be nearly so bad..."Could you please try harder at getting along with my brother?" ...He's going to be family, she thought blandly.

Grimmjow gave her a surprised look, and scoffed, looking away. "Get along with your brother? Are you kidding me?" The noble was thick-headed, pompus.. and had high reiatsu. There was no way the espada would play nice. He wanted to drive Byakuya up the wall, especially with his disbelief that the Arrancar could be serious with the small girl. "I kinda like the banter. He gets mad easily, like a little girl I know." he said casually.

Rukia dropped her spoon. "I wish you would really try, it wouldn't kill you to be nice to him, he is the only brother I have." She sighed, trying not to sound too cross but Grimmjow and her brother at odds with each other would only make things worse for her and her unborn child.

He arched an eyebrow at her. "Shit, why do you care so much anyway? If you're worried about him trying to break us up, he alrady said he would, and I told him that wasnt going to happen." Grimmjow leaned to her for a moment and kissed the top of her head, trying to make an excuse to get a chance to take in her smell... and whatever it was that remained on her. "... you smell weird." He finally said, leading them to a table.
It was a familar scent... but he couldnt put his finger on it.

She took a seat at a vacant table and set her tray down. "Grimmjow...you do love me, right?" She asked, looking him deep in the eyes, she really needed to know he loved her, maybe love could be enough to get them through this. "Do you see us maybe getting married in the future? Spending our lives together?"

His eyes went wide for a moment. What was she doing talking about shit like that...? He didnt even have anything to eat yet. "Damn, Rukia, you.." he growled a little, twisting the top off his drink. "You know I do, dont make me say it." He took a swig of soda and leaned back. "Where the hell's this coming from?" He almost made a joke about her biological clock going off, but his sandwich was calling to him and his stomach was growling, and he took a bite.

"But you do see a future with me?" Rukia asked again, she stabbed her fork into some noodle plate she took. This conversation was not going smoothly in her mind. The right time and place, so she decided to hold off on telling Grimmjow where this was really coming from. "...I really want to hear it."

...a future with her? Sure, after everyone else was dead, he would still have her by his side. He had no plans of getting rid of her. But she was talking marriage? It was hella early to talk about that, and even then was he even the marrying type? Even with another Arrancar, Grimmjow wouldnt even consider it. Knowing she probably wouldnt like that answer he shrugged. "...Yeah, I see a future with you." He didnt know what was going on through her mind, but he kept going. "If I didnt, why the hell would I still be here?"

"I see a future with you. I love you, Grimmjow." Rukia felt relieved at his answer and flashed him a small smile. She picked up her food and started eating away at the noodles. Too bland, she reached over and began sprinkling some salt onto it.

He took another bite of his sandwich, and choked a little when she responded. Grimmjow quickly took a drink of soda to wash it down, and he leaned back in his chair. "Yeah, i know..." He couldnt shake the feeling that something was weird about this whole conversation. "...Hey... did something happen?"

Rukia, despite trying her best to mask it, tensed and a little too much salt fell on her noodles. "No...nothing happened. What makes you think that?" She moved her hand slowly--a little too slowly to set down the salt shaker. At the same slow speed, she picked up her fork and began eating. Great...now it was too salty.

Grimmjow shrugged. "Usually if you're going to act all insecure and ask shit about our relationship, its because something happened." He was going to leave out the fact that she still smelled weird. He looked over at her, a thought hitting his head. "..If this is about Yoruichi visiting me the other day, I told you I'm with you."

"She visited?" She blurted because she was a bit surprised but immediately brushed away any thoughts that he would cheat on her. "No. It's not that, I just want to know we're on the same page." But how could he be on the same page as her if he didn't know? The thought nagged at her on the inside.

He scratched his head before leaning back down against the table. "...the same page?" Now Rukia was being too damn confusing. Maybe it was the fact she was a noble. She brought up marriage because that was the only way he could have a long term relationship with her? He laughed a little. She didnt understand how her worries were all for nothing, since everyone was going to die. Still.. "Make sense, girl... you're losing me. So you just wanted to make sure that we both really wanted to be with each other.. not for any 'ol reason, but because you're planning on being with me for a long time?"

"Yes...no...maybe..." Rukia didn't want to be too obvious about her secret. "If you're planning on being with me for a really long time, then we're on the same page...You love me and nothing will change that, right?" She wanted him to take her hand and tell her that he will. Her insecurities also stemmed from the news, that he would be obligated to care for her and their child which she didn't want him to feel obligated. She wanted them to be together because they both want it, without strings attached.

"...Shit, Rukia..." he took her hand and pulled it to him, about to be sweet and kiss it.. until his senses picked up on that smell again. Nothing would change the fact that he loved her... except that he was still mad in posessiveness, and still didnt like the idea she had been with that shinigami of whom he wanted to kill most of all... Kurosaki... Kurosaki...?? Grimmjow's eyes went wide. That was the smell! He dropped her hand and glared at her. "...I'm asking you one more time, where were you today?"

Rukia smiled at the tenderness that Grimmjow was showing her but as he dropped her hand and asked her that question, red flags went off inside her. "Nowhere." She drew her hand back to her and her fingers curled up as her whole body tensed at his glare. What was wrong with him?

His look onto her, frowning, his eyes not moving for a moment as he kept the glare on her. "...I smell him on you." Grimmjow growled, standing up. "... what the hell is this all about? You talk about how you want to be with me, and that disgusting shinigami's stench is all over you??" He roared, his hands curled into fists.

"What was this your way of breaking the news to me? 'Grimmjow I love you, and I'm sneaking off with Ichigo'. You think that makes it fucking ok? You think I'd be fine with that?!"

Rukia stared up at him, her eyebrows knitting in confusion and her eyes wide at his anger. "Grimmy...I'm not..." She stopped, as she just remember she had hugged Ichigo twice but he was able to smell that? And even worse, she didn't know if she could tell him that she had gone to see a doctor, not when he was so angry at her. This was not her idea of a right place or time.

Not getting a real response from her made him even more mad. Pantera growled in hunger for the orange-haired shinigami's blood. "Good to know you're not denying anything... you're not even giving me a fucking explanation." He lost his appetite for real food and left his sandwich on the table. "...Fine." he grabbed his drink and started walking. "Make sure you eat everything. Dont think I could take another bit of your bullshit, it might give me heartburn."

She felt tears rise in her eyes as he walking away. She immediately got to her feet and reached out to hold him back by his hand. "Grimmjow! It's not like that, please!" She plead, it was all just a big misunderstanding. "I was with Ichigo but not like that!"

He looked back onto her, her tiny hands on his stopping him. He looked in her eyes as she talked... they were something that he loved about her-- it was so easy to see into the depths of her eyes. At this moment, they were so wide and honest... he had no reason to disbelieve her. His tense body relaxed a little. "...Then... what is it? Why do I smell him on you?"

She used one hand to reach up and wipe away the unshed tears but still kept her frm grip on him. "He went with me...I went to see a doctor...I'm fine." She reassured him. This was not how she imagined telling him but she didn't want to lose him either.

His eyes widened. "...a doctor?" He couldnt help but feel irritated. "Shit, and you get Kurosaki to take you? What the hell am I supposed to think?" Then he stopped, bringing up the thing that he never thought would be more important to him. "...What the hell did you go to a doctor for?" Grimmjow asked, bringing Rukia in close to press against his body. He didnt care who saw. He was beyond caring. "Did I hurt you?" he felt like asking, considering he got a little rougher on her than usual the last time they fooled around.

Rukia shook her head into him, feeling so much better in his arms. "No, you didn't hurt me." She pulled back and figured it was now or never. She placed her hands over his and guided it to her stomach. "I'm...well...we are going to have a baby."

...she... was serious. He knew she was. Was it even freaking possible? He didnt even think a Hollow could knock up a Shinigami..."...We... need to talk about this somewhere else." Grimmjow said and took her hand. "We'll feed you later, we need to talk about this now." All the while, his mind was going a million miles an hour... most of which were full of profanities. Heh, and he thought he'd be in deep shit if he was involved with a Shinigami... now he was going to have a kid with one? Shit... Shit shit, motherfucker, fuck...

"Grimmy..." She followed behind him but his reaction was...well not the greatest. She stopped walking and looked up at him. "I'm keeping it. If...that's what you're thinking, that's out of the picture. I won't even consider it!" She was absolutely deadset in her decision.

Finding a quiet place outside, he sat on a bench, bringing her with him. He nodded, hearing what she was saying, and looked at her a bit shocked. "...You want to keep it. You want to keep mine? ... Ours?" This woman would have his child?

Rukia smiled and gave his hand a squeeze. "Of course. I meant it when I said I love you and...and well...I..." She sighed but her smile never left her face. There was an emotion she was trying to grasp the words for... "I want fried chicken." She said, finally.

He had to laugh... he was being bombarded with different thoughts about the situation... but he couldnt deny.. "...You're going to be one insane woman the next couple of months, preggo." Grimmjow touched her lips with his own and grinned. He brought his hand down to rest on her stomach. Shit... she was having his baby... a part of him wondered how she would take giving birth to a creature with a hole most likely in its chest.... and then... he realized that this meant eventually... Rukia had to know what he was. That could wait... they had time, afterall. "...alright. Lets make momma and the brat happy."

"No I want to stay liks this." She said, pressing her ear on his chest and holding on to his shirt. "You had me so worried when you were walking away..." She whispered and kissed him lightly on his chin. She felt a deep sense of relief, now that they were in this together. She ran her hand over his chest where his heart lay underneath.

Smiling faintly, he placed his arms around her. "Hey, thats good too..." Grimmjow grumbled a little. "...You know, I wouldnt have started walking off if you werent so damn sneaky about Kurosaki." He growled upon saying the carrot-top's name.

"I didn't think it was anything serious. I didn't want to worry you..." Rukia crawled into his lap and smiled against his ear. "You better start thinking of names..."

Feeling her on his lap, he leaned in. "...Hm... Nibble...?" Grimmjow laughed huskily into her neck, growling a little into her. "Bones...? Scrap...?"

"You're terrible, Papa Smurf." She chuckled as well and wrapped her arms around him. "I say if it's a girl then I'll name her and you can name it if it's a boy. But you better pick a good name...or else!" She pulled away to show him how serious she was.

Grimmjow blinked. "Or else..." She pulled away, only to make his hold on her more secure. "Oh hell no, momma, you're not going anywhere." He smiled, pulling her back to him. It didnt matter what the brat was named... Grimmjow would still call it his little snack.

"Jeagerjaques. Something that goes good with such a weird name. Or maybe Kuchiki? Kuchiki is a much better name after all." She was thinking about names. Yes, Kuchiki was much better than Jeagerjaques. What a weird name to match a weird guy.

He didnt care what the kid was called... but... "...Jeagerjaques stays." Grimmjow spoke firmly, adjusting her on his lap. "No arguments."

"But we're not even married. Kuchiki is a much better choice. Or we could hyphenate it...Kuchiki-Jeagerjaques." She whined a bit, not happy about her kid having the last name Jeagerjaques.

Grimmjow scoffed. "Yeah, we're not married, but its still my kid." He shrugged, kissing her shoulder. "Whatever... we should probably give the brat a name first. We got time." He arched an eyebrow. "...hm... you think Graham will be excited?" He laughed in a breath.

"I think so but we have to break the news to him easy. But..." Rukia bit her lip, she had been worrying about Graham a lot lately. He had been acting so different since she was moved in with Cirucci. Rukia had hoped that it was a bug or something wrong with the feng shui of the room. She thought about buying a book to see if that helped....and if it didn't, she'd have to see a veterinarian.

The blue-haired student shrugged and then arched an eyebrow at her. "But...?" It was a relief to him to know that Graham was still around and hopping, what with the way the nibblet was annoying the hell out of Cirucci...

"It's nothing..." She pulled her head back and gave him a soft kiss on the lips to reassure him. She'd push her worries about Graham out of her head for now, she had other things to worry about...like telling her brother...

He grinned into the kiss and held her lightly in his arms. He might've looked completely calm and understanding on the outside-- but in his mind and in his bones... Grimmjow was nervous. As much as he hated it.. he wasnt the strongest of the Espada. If the Arrancar hear of this, what the hell would they do? It... almost excited him too, which was a little worrying. How much could he get away with...? Letting out a breath, he leaned back. "...So, what now?"

"We have to run away together and elope." She answered him with a completely serious expression in her voice. She mainly wanted to see his reaction but then her features broke into a playful smile. "We'll figure it out. I'm really young but I think I can do this..." She didn't sound too sure herself. The usual worries started sinking in..money, time, the fact that she was so young and inexperienced...

Grimmjow's eyes widened at the idea of eloping and he laughed, seeing his girlfriend's serious expression. He shrugged. "I'm not too worried..." besides the obvious shit. "...I can handle it." He said surprisingly with confidence. Then he realized, even with a kid... his resolve didnt change. He didnt care who found out, he wanted to do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

"I think you'd make a great father." She smiled and brought her nose to nuzzle against his. The sun on her skin made her feel warm as his arms did and the act of nuzzling felt so very natural, like they were two cats. "Mmmm..." She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his face against hers.

It may have felt natural to Rukia, but to Grimmjow he was having difficulty... especially since his original nature was purring all the same. "Gah.. shit, Rukia..." a growl left his breath, surpressing any actual sounds of purring. "Dont do that, you idiot..." though his arms were still around her, and he wasnt pushing her away

"Do what?" She murmured, pulling in closer to him and letting her lips brushing lightly against his skin. She opened her eyes, her eyelashes fluttering against him as she pressed her forehead against his. Her fingers curled around the collar of his shirt. "If you mean this...I think you like it."

He suppressed more.. actually purring would sure as hell be embarrassing, not to mention he would have explaining to do. "Ugh..." Grimmjow groaned, trying to pull away from her. "No. I dont..." He didnt speak too convincingly.

Rukia ran her fingers lightly over the skin of his neck and pulled closer to him. "Well, I like it." She said softly to him and closing her eyes again. She really did enjoy this feeling of content warmth from the embrace.

He would've never thought a girl, needless to say a Shinigami would have this effect on him. Being brought back into the embrace a little, Grimmjow let his head lean against hers. "Hey... lets go.." He muttered, lifting her in his arms and getting up from the bench. He didnt care who knew about him and Rukia, but he still had an image to hold up.

Rukia kicked her legs as she was feeling playful being carried away by Grimmjow. "Where're you taking me?" She asked, humming a little happy song in her head.

Grimmjow grinned at her, lifting her slightly higher to bury is face against her neck. "My room." Deciding to push it, he bit her skin. He was feeling a little playful too... heh heh.

Rukia scoffed, honestly the boy had one thing on his mind. Well, she would only do this just this once without giving him a hard time. She was craving affection from him and after he was tired out, she would get plenty then. "Fine." She said with a sigh as if this was a chore.

He gave her a serious face. "Huh? You're not suppose to react like that, sweetheart." Grimmjow held her close to him, walking towards his room. He didnt feel like screwing around with her... weird. He actually wanted more of this affection he was getting from her... just, not out in the public eye. Reaching his room, he adjusted her in his arms, and opened the door. Kicking it closed after walking through, he lied her on his bed and he leaned over ontop of her, nuzzling her neck with affection. "Mmm... thats better..."

"Grimmy..." She whispered and looked up at him with a warm smile on her face. Her features were soft and her skin had a light glow. She reached up and brushed the hair that fell between his eyes to the side as he nuzzled her neck. This was...nice, feeling him against her and being so gentle made her more in love with him.

He couldnt help it, Rukia's skin... even now felt great. The way her fingers felt in his hair..."Yeah?" he kissed her collarbone and pulled her to him while he flipped to his back.

Rukia arched her back to look down at him. "One day...not now...I..." Her cheeks flushed, she had a hard time getting out what she needed to say, at least in the right way. Her heart was thudding in her chest. "Nothing." She smiled, she'd wait another time to say it. She brought her lips down on his and pulled away a hair away to say, "I love you."

He slid his arms around her, brushing his fingers lightly on the small of her back. He kissed back softly, "Love you too..." it still felt weird saying it, but it wasnt bad. Grimmjow didnt know what she was going to say, but he didnt care... he was enjoying this now... he closed his eyes, and let out a satisfying breath. Feeling her tiny body against him, a purr left him.

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