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The Sound Of Clashing Metal [complete]

Characters: Risa and Mashiro
Date: Sometime back in May/June?
Warning: N/A
Summary: Risa and Mashiro spar.

Risa held her Zanpakuto and walked to the room just opposite hers. Her long delayed spar with Mashiro would take place today. She would not admit it directly but, she enjoyed fighting. Mashiro was one of the best candidates, so she would hope to learn a lot from this fight.

Lately Mashiro was starting to think she wasn't worth the effort of her friends, but with that behind her she eagerly awaited Risa's arrival. She still wasn't entirely healed, but had gained more movement and was in virtually no pain by now. With pain reducers taken, just in case, the lime haired student was ready to spar with her friend; she just hoped deep down that Risa didn't whack her in the same spot. That would really suck.

Noticing the bright coloured head, she knew that Mashiro had appeared. She sensed the remnants of a previous injury still present in Mashiro. I hope that she is not pushing herself into this fight, Risa thought. "It's good to see you again, Mashiro. I hope that you aren't pushing yourself, we can't have you injured... life would be dull otherwise." Her usual serious demeanor was let down and she grinned lightly at her friend.

Beaming back at Risa, Mashiro made a swift head toward Risa and hugged her. "I'll be fine." She said warmly, arms wrapping around the taller young woman with a sigh. It's been too long.


"Well, ready then?" She asked, letting go of her companion and adjusting her goggles on top of her head before tugging at her orange gloves. She could do this, it was Risa, the two knew each other like mice and cheese. It wasn't as if the hours of training were easy to forget either.

Risa was slightly startled by Mashiro's display of affection but, accepted the kind gesture. Seeing the determination in her eyes, Risa leaped back and prepared herself. 

Out of nowhere, or rather, from behind Mashiro's back, came the green handled sword the girl wielded with ease. Smiling at her friend, hands together at the base of the hilt and handle, Mashiro muttered something to herself before calling out to Risa.


"Do we do this the easy way, or the hard?" She asked, somewhat hoping it was the hard way. The hard way meant more fun, not that one couldn't have fun the easy way, but she was feeling a little restless inside.

Risa turned to her with a slight grin on her face. "I'd like to see how much you've improved since our last fight. A nice challenging fight seems fitting, don't you think so?" I need to ensure that i don't injure her bad spot, she thought with concern. 


Mashiro grinned widely with a nod, hands changing position to ready herself. Brown eyes serious, lips pursed just barely, she awaited for Risa to make the first move and begin the spar. Oh, this was so exciting!

Ah, she wants me to start it? Risa thought carefully, while observing Mashiro's pose. In her mind, she went over various strategies, trying to find which suited this particular spar best.  Gripping her Zanpakuto  at the hilt, she charged forward and sliced at the lime-haired's Zanpakuto. It was an easy enough attack to defend. She attacked from the bottom-right and then switched her Zanpakuto to her other hand, fast enough to hopefully confuse Mashiro. Risa waited for her plan of action, grinning.

Mashiro parried, legs spreading wide as she held her zanpakutou between hands with the tip pointing downward at the ground. While Mashiro never looked to Risa's hands, there was something in her shoulders that she saw and quickly dodged backward to avoid attack.

"Nice." She said, grinning back at her friend as she brought the silver blade back around to point at Risa. The girl paused then, hair settling before it flicked in the breeze that shot through the area. Up, down, left, triangle, squared, thought Mashiro and giggled. Wait a second, that didn't apply here! Well, it could be. Charging forward Mashiro left off of the ground, her light body sailing upward before she came down at Risa. She appeared to be coming head-on, but at the last moment possible her blade came out of the air from the left. Mashiro figured that Risa would dodge it, this wasn't one of her more daring attacks, just a start. The tip of the iceberg.

Mashiro's attack was always a surprise but, Risa had gotten accustomed to her 'play'. She carefully dodged the attack and struck at the other Zanpakuto. It looks like we will 'play' around for a bit, isn't that right Mashiro? Risa questioned in her mind, how about this?

Risa waited until Mashiro would react to her Zanpakuto, her 'play' ready for her lime-haired friend.

Mashiro grinned and spun around, sword clashing with Risa's and reaching around her left side. She was favoring her right, the wounded side, but only so as to not damage it farther. She was capable of fighting without the favor, but she might as well try if she had the opportunity. Unnecessary injury was well... unnecessary.

Flicking her wrist slightly, her Zanpakuto eased it's way forward and pushed against Mashiro's with a growl. It seems that my Zanpakuto wants to increase the level, Mashiro, she said in her mind. She pushed forward with her Zanpakuto again, bracing herself for Mashiro's response.


The girl grinned, almost wickedly, hair flailing around as her energy raised in return to Risa's attack. "This is fun!" Mashiro said happily as she jumped away, her own Zanpakutou letting out an eerie cry of enjoyment as it whistled through the air.

She grinned at the response. Now, this is how it should be, she thought with excitement. Swiftly following Mashiro, Risa appeared behind her and struck at her Zanpakuto. Standing above Mashiro and levitating, she pushed down with her Zanpakuto. Hard.

Mashiro's legs split, body twisting around and holding her blade above her head with a grin. There was a fierceness in her eyes that only a Vizard would see, and be able to remember it. Laughing, the girl twirled away and jumped into the air to levitate across from Risa. Her sword whistled through the air as she brought it to her side swiftly, arms straight but ready to attack or defend. Blinking her bright eyes, her reiatsu rose.

Risa grinned. A wild grin, one that would show her opponent that she was enjoying the fight. Feeling the rise in pressure, she knew that Mashiro had increased her reiatsu. Her seifuku whipped as the force reiatsu moved by, both Risa and Mashiro's reiatsu increased and the objects in the vicinity moved around like rag dolls in a tornado.


From the corner of her eyes Mashiro saw the items move about, shake wildly, fall over lifeless. Her orange scarf whipped around as well, the tail spiraling around behind her neck before acting like a tail. She dove forward once more at Risa, focusing upon her face as she moved with a lithe grace through the thickening reiatsu. Sword slicing through the air, it came down on Risa like a boulder falling from a mountain and gaining speed.

Risa fought back at the other sword and grinned heartily. Her feet crunched in the earth as she skidded back at the impact of Mashiro's sword at hers. Hiking forward, she pushed against the other sword, reiatsu rising at little levels as she did so. "Let's make this our best now, ne?" She laughed, still pushing against the other sword. "I want to see wounds after this"

"On you or me?" Mashiro asked with a smile as she leaped back away from Risa and back flipped through the air. The green haired Vizard had always been the more flexible of the group, very lithe and similar to a gymnast in body. Feet planting in the ground, she bounced on her knees and then shook her hair from her face. "Does this mean I get to put my goggles down?"

Risa grinned at her friends reply, liking what she heard. "Both, if possible. Though, it's been quite some time since I got in a fight so... I won't mind some bruises here or there." she said, brushing her bangs from her face as she did so. Marveling at Mashiro's flexible movement, she waited until the girl settled and answered her question. "If you wish, go ahead. 'Can't have you damaging them now, can we?"


Mashiro brought up her hand swiftly and pushed down her goggles over her brown eyes. Upon putting them down her reiatsu rose once again, not terrifyingly so, but a great deal streaked out across the floor. Then suddenly she dove at Risa in silence, her feet barely touching the ground as she zigged and zagged before finally coming up to Risa's left. She'd gone around from behind, thus trying to throw off her friend and make her think she was coming from the right. Sneaky.

Risa, waiting for her friends arrival at the right. Her mind temporarily losing focus, she did not notice Mashiro's sneaky attack. Stumbling slightly from shock, she smiled at her friend. "Ah, pretty good, Mashiro. Now, let's go all out!" Dusting off her Seifuku, she stood firmly and faced Mashiro once again, more alert. Her reiatsu waking from its calm state, Risa held her sword firmly in her left hand, swiftly increasing but, not as threatening .

Inside the girl was laughing, giggling as if this were funny, a smile on her pouty pink lips and grinning at Risa. Stepping to the right in a feint, Mashiro spun left and brought around the blunt side of her long slender sword to Risa's hip. Once there, her body leaned toward the ground as her foot swept out to try and remove Risa's balance. "As long as you don't get hurt badly," she replied. "Then let's go!"

Waking up at Mashiro's movements, Risa anticipated the attack and faced Mashiro with a look of determination on her face. "We have to take it serious, a battle's a battle ofter all, isn't it?" she said, a little smile on her face. Mostly its practice but, not taking serious would be even worse. We have to have fun too, she thought and stood firmly, the hilt of her sword gripped firmly.

Mashiro nodded. "Right," she agreed and then leaped back to reposition and stake her next attack or prepare a defense.

Dashing forward, Risa's sword met her friends and the mutual feeling of ending the battle was present. Presently, the spar was slowly paced but, one that made a great change for both. Using all the strength that she could muster, Risa pushed her sword against Mashiro's, expecting a strong defense, she persevered. This would be the end, their strikes merging into one and ending it in a mass of strength between the Vaizard, Risa thought randomly, her hand held strong.

Feet digging into the ground as she leaned forward, Mashiro stared up at Risa from behind her goggles with a smirk. Her left hand slipped up the sword to push, holding it against Risa's, as her right hand held true to the hilt. She withstood, but unfortunately Mashiro was only an excellent swordswoman with her mask. Feet moving backward across the ground, she sighed released Risa immediately to bend down and at least hope to make the girl fall. Even if she did, Mashiro knew she had lost this spar. Oh well, next time would be a better one.

Exhaustion reaching her limbs, Risa fell back, barely managing to land elegantly. Turning to Mashiro between breaths, she smiled, having enjoyed their spar. "This was fun, Mashiro." her voice slightly hoarse, "You've gotten much stronger at fighting without your mask." she said sincerely. It was the truth. Mashiro was scary when fighting with her mask, Risa was aware of that but, building other aspects of fighting were important for Vaizard as well. "Well.." standing, her sword in her hand and walking towards Mashiro, "I don't know about you but, I could use a slushie sometime, what do you think?"

Grinning, she backed away and put her sword away slowly; though her eyes paid mind to Risa's still drawn. "A slushie sounds great. They're so good here." Mashiro replied with a nod to her friend before backing away toward the door. "Lets go, I'll buy!"
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