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Mood Swings [Complete]

Who: Kensei & Rukia
When: August 23rd
What: Kensei witnesses the roller coaster of Rukia's mood swings, watches a movie with her, dodges kareoke, and answers some serious-sounding questions.

Rukia was not in a good mood, actually she was in the kind of mood that if anything male walked by, she had the strongest urge to kick it or threaten it with violence.

In order to abate her feelings of contempt for the opposite sex, she was sitting under a tree eating dried squid and spooning out peanut butter.

Walking along the sidewalk towards the dorm, Kensei carried a box containing a brand new sleeping bag he just bought for his camping trip this coming weekend. He just recently examined his old one and found it had gotten a couple holes worn in it, so he had to pitch it.

As such, with the box perched on his shoulder, the massive blind spot prevented him from seeing a certain female shinigami that had recently assaulted him.

Rukia watched Kensei walk by.

"Idiots, the lot of them." She muttered as she scooped up some peanut butter. "...never think twice...can't hold back...oughta teach them a lesson..." She sunk her teeth into the squid and tore it savagely, after some heavy chewing she swallowed it. "I can't believe the nerve of some of these guys." She said loud enough for Kensei to hear.

A familiar voice reaching his ears, Kensei turned quickly, looking as if he was poised to block any sort of attack. Once he spotted her, he frowned. Why'd she look so pissed off? Not knowing any better, he called out, "What, you didn't exact enough revenge, Kuchiki? Looks like someone got away or something."

Rukia glared...oh boy, she just hated the entire male population and his comment spawned even deeper hate.

"DIE!" Was all she said as she threw a rather hard piece of squid aimed for his head.

Kensei leaned to the side to avoid the squid projectile, raising an eyebrow. Scowling, he said, "What the hell's your problem? You're the one that attacked me a few days ago and seemed awful happy to be doin' it, and now you're all pissy."

"You! Stupid boys cause nothing but problems for everyone and everything!!" She yelled back at him, picking up another hard squid to throw at his head.

This time he caught the piece that was thrown at him. "Excuse me? I know I mighta deserved somethin' after I helped Ikkaku and Grimmjow bury you at the beach, but i think you took care of that already. I haven't done a damn thing to you since except walk by you just now!"

"I think your face alone warrants this sort of reaction!" She dipped another piece of squid in peanut butter and threw it at him.

Kensei let that piece smack into the box, where it stuck for a moment before falling to the ground. Something was 'off' here. Frowning, his tone suspicious, he said, "You're actin' wierd, Kuchiki." He eyed her unsual choice in food. "That bad squid?"

"No...I'm fine...I'm completely okay." She felt tears stinging her eyes, she would get like this the middle of the shower...while watching a used car ad on the television.

"Forgive me if I don't believe you," Kensei muttered loud enough for her to hear, his suspicious expression not fading from his face. He decided to take a wild guess. "Have a fight with your boyfriend or somethin'?"

Rukia bit her lip and shook her head violently. Any form of speaking proved too much for the emotional girl.

Cocking his head slightly, Kensei stared at her. She was obviously upset about something. More specifically upset about something involving a guy, from her outbursts. "Right..."

Rukia's mood teetered like it often did these days. "Do you like movies?" She asked, as it was more of an invitation to watch a movie with her.

Blinking, he looked around like he was trying to spot where the hell her previous mood went before he looked back at the girl. "Yes?" he answered cautiously, not sure where this might lead.

"Okay, there's a western on the television this afternoon, if we hurry we can catch it at the beginning." She waved for him to follow.

Staring incredulously at her as she got up, it was a few moments before he began to slowly follow. "You're not going to throw more food at me, are you?" he asked, not taking his eyes off of her.

"Why would I do that?" She answered with a question, as if the very notion that she would throw food was ridiculous.

Kensei continued to stare at her. She said that boys caused problems, but women were sure confusing as hell. Not answering her, he picked up his pace slightly, following her more closely.

"What's wrong?" She asked, glancing back at him, he was acting very cautious around her, she didn't understand fully why. Unless..."You don't like westerns, do you?" She frowned a bit at that revelation.

"Nah, westerns aren't that bad...," he replied, glancing ahead of them then back at her. "I still say you're actin' weird, Kuchiki... What's goin' on?"

"'s...nothing." She opened the door to the girl's dormitory and lead him up to the common room.

Still not quite believing her, but deciding not to press the matter further for now, he remained quiet. Once in the common room, he set his box on the floor next to one of the couches before sitting down.

Rukia took a seat in an overstuffed chair, she was skillful with the remote control and flipped to the old movie channel where the western was just beginning. "It's starting!" She exclaimed, wishing she had some popcorn...

Looking at Rukia out of the corner of his eye, he untied his boots and pulled them off before twisting in place, stretching his legs out on the couch and using the armrest as a backrest before finally turning his attention to the TV. "What movie?"

"The Magnificent Seven." She answered, shifting her weight in the chair to get more comfortable. "I've never watched this one, then again I haven't seen many westerns, I usually watch horror films."

"Ah," was his simple reply. Truth was, Kensei hadn't seen enough movies to really prefer a genre. He could probably count the number of movies he's sat and watched on his two hands.

Rukia kept her eyes glued on the movie, it was pretty interesting, better than she imagined.

Kensei watched the movie, not bored, but not nearly as immersed in it as Rukia was. It was alright, but not his sort of movie. But then he really didn't know what 'his sort of movie' was.

Part way into the movie, Rukia just blurted, "Steve McQueen is really the King of Cool."

His eyes went to her when she spoke, then back to the screen. "Which one is he?" He never kept up on actors. They weren't as great as everyone seemed to think they are.

"The cool one." She replied simply, looking from him to the screen. Of course, Kensei really had no way of telling who Steve McQueen is.

"Well that helps," Kensei grumbled dryly, shifting on the couch to get more comfortable before adding a sarcastic, "Thanks."

"You're very welcome." She smiled, fully knowing what a bother she was. She shifted in her chair and swung her legs a bit.

He glared at her, then rolled his eyes. "Least you're in a better mood," he muttered, settling further into the couch, looking back at the TV.

"What was that Kensei?" She asked raising an eyebrow at him and giving him a deadly look, one that said 'say the wrong thing and the police will spend weeks trying to find all the pieces of your body'.

He originally opened his mouth to say 'Or not', but his self-preservation instinct sent up warning flares for that response. So instead, he grumbled, "Nothing, Kuchiki..."

She watched him for a bit longer before returning her attention on the movie. Kensei was a bit of a weird one, constantly grumbling and muttering to himself...

Sighing with a hint of irritation and thinking much the same about her, Kensei focused back on the movie.

Rukia sighed as was more of a troubled sigh than an irritated one. She had too much on her mind now and troubled thoughts were hard to chase away.

Kensei watched the movie quietly for awhile before getting up and digging out his wallet for the vending machines. "I'm thirsty. You want something too?"

Rukia dug around her pocket and handed him two bills. "I'll have a lemonade and maybe some nerds or even a snickers bar!"

He waved dismissively at the money she held out and went to the vending machines, intending to pay for everything. A few minutes later he came back and handed her what she had asked for, including both candies she had listed. Sitting back on the couch, he unscrewed the cap of the water he got and took a drink.

Rukia opened the bottle of lemonade and dumped the whole box of nerds in it. "Thanks Kensei." She said before taking a sip of the sugary drink she made. It was good.

Kensei grimaced at the concoction she created, his teeth and stomach hurting just looking at it. "No problem.." he said, looking back to the movie.

Rukia bit into the snickers bar and took a long sip of her drink. All the sugar, she could feel happiness spread out from her stomach as she ate.

Content with his water, he pulled his legs up onto the couch so he was sitting cross-legged, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, the bottle dangling loosly from his fingers.

"You want some?" She asked, holding up the candy bar in his direction. She felt like she owed it to him, he did pay for all her goodies which was kind of nice of him. He was starting to earn her favor as for Rukia's case the way to her heart was through her stomach.

Kensei once again waved his hand dismissively. "Nah. I already had my chocolate quota for the next few months already. But thanks." At least it seemed she was starting to relax even more, he thought.

"My chocolate quota can never be filled! I really love chocolate, it's delicious!" Rukia still maintained an innocent outlook on chocolate.

"Too much sugar makes me sick if I have too much of it," he explained before taking another drink of water. "'Cause my body's not used to it. It is good, though."

"I can eat it all day long and never get sick." She said matter-of-factly. "But I don't care too much for cheap chocolate that you get on halloween."

There was only one way he preferred chocolate, but he kept his mouth shut. "But I bet ya eat it anyway," Kensei said, regarding the Halloween chocolate.

Rukia laughed sheepishly, knowing how much of a brat she sounded as she also replied, "Yeah, I do."

Snickering, Kensei nodded his head. "Thought so," he smirked. His eyes once again went to the drink she had. "Dunno how you can drink that stuff..."

"It's very delicious, it's even better with sweet tarts but it's hard to get the round candies into the small opening." She explained clinically as she pointed to the opening of the bottle.

He grimaced again. "Way too sweet for my blood. Would give me a headache just smelling it, probably."

"This new food I discovered is so interesting! I really didn't eat anything like this before. Who knew artificial cheese tastes nothing like real cheese!" She was fascinated with much that she even considered a career in cataloguing food. If such a career existed.

Blinking, he replied, "If artificial cheese tastes nothing like real cheese, what's the point of eating it?" This conversation was getting weirder and weirder, he thought.

"Because it comes from a canister that you can squeeze onto...ANYTHING!" She was really excited after she discovered the amazing (and to some, disgusting) cheez-whiz.

"Yeah, well you can put normal cheese on anything, too, and not be takin' in weird chemicals," Kensei pointed out before taking a sip of water.

"What's the point of cheez-whiz then?" She asked, her brows knitted in confusion. Why would humans have such a creation if it wasn't meant to be consumed?

Shrugging, he replied, "I dunno. For lazy people who don't want to bother getting a knife?" There were so many great cheeses in the world, why settle for a fake?

"Hmmm..." Was all Rukia could say, her first experience with it took her an hour to figure out how to work the darn thing. She kept thinking the whole time about giving up and getting cheese and a knife...

Kensei didn't say anything more about it, just turned his attention back to the TV, though he wasn't really into the movie any longer. Though now he was craving some sort of cheese, thanks to her.

Rukia yawned. "I'm bored." Hard to believe but even with all the sugar, she felt like resting and she was lost as far as the plot of the movie.

Finishing off his water, he chucked the empty bottle at the trash can across the room, grinning to himself when it went in. Turning his head back to Rukia, he muttered, "Then what do you wanna do?"

"Do you like karaoke?" She asked, straigthening up in the chair at the prospect of doing another activity with the highly amusing Kensei.

Kensei froze for a moment, then cleared his throat, looking away. "I.. don't sing in public." He suffered from stage fright when it came to singing. No matter how small the stage or audience.

"But in private? What about the shower? Everyone sings in there." Rukia nodded, she ought to know because she enjoyed this activity.

"I sing, by myself, where no one can hear me," he replied. Like, out in the middle of the woods. He thought it best not to mention he was learning a song to play and sing for Risa.

"Give singing in a shower a chance, you'd be surprised at how much fun it is." She nodded as she was a seasoned shower-singer. "It's probably the best place for singing."

"I really only sing when I'm camping," Kensei said. "And sometimes, quietly, when I'm alone in my room and studyin' or something. Never in the shower. Especially since these're communal showers."

"It's not like the others are going to listen to you, plus it'll be great fun!" She sighed and looked at the clock. It was still to early to just lie in bed which she had the strong urge to do. She gulped down more of her sugary drink which did nothing to help.

Kensei sighed and rubbed his eyes. "You're gonna keep pokin' at me until I cave, aren't you?"

"I really don't think I have it in me today. Sorry Kensei." She said, her eyes and expression grew quiet.

He blinked and looked at her. After a few moments of silence he stated quietly, "Well that sure ain't like you."

"I haven't really felt like myself." Rukia sighed. "Maybe another day." She leaned back in the chair and stared at the ceiling, more specifically, at the stucko pattern they used on it.

"You sick or somethin'?" he asked. "Maybe you should lay off the sugar," he joked mildly, watching her stare at the cieling.

"No, not sick." She shrugged. "What do you do when you've got something really important to tell someone but really don't want to?"

Blinking at the sudden change in topic, Kensei shrugged as he considered. "Guess if it's important, you gotta tell them regardless?" he tried.

"How do go about doing it? A dinner? Over breakfast?" She had to tell her brother and it wasn't going to be a pretty sight.

Shrugging once more, he said, "I dunno.... suppose the best way would be just to say it whenever you get enough courage in you to say it."

"It's a lot harder than it sounds." She groaned, sinking into the chair.

"Guess it all depends on what you have to say," Kensei shrugged, looking at the ceiling himself.

"I think what I have to say is going to cause a lot of heartache." She meant her brother naturally.

"Oh." He didn't feel the need to continue with 'What is it you have to say?' because, well, if she was having issues telling other people, he'd certainly be included.

"I think I'm going to take a nice long shower. I'll see you later, Kensei." She waved, standing up and giving him a wave but then stopped. "You can see yourself out, right?" She asked.

Kensei stood up and stretched his whole body, groaning. "Yeah, I can. Later, Kuchiki," he said, rasing his hand to shoulder-level as if he was waving. "Feel better, " he added as he picked his box back up and walked towards the exit.
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