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Seeya Soon [Complete]

Who: Kensei & Risa
When: August 24th
What: Kensei goes to let Risa know he's leaving for his camping trip and say goodbye during his lunch break.
Warnings: Suggestive language; nothing explicit, though.

Kensei jogged up the stairs of the girl's dorm, still in his school uniform and backpack slung over his shoulder. He was heading to his girlfriend's room during lunch, so he hoped she'd be there. Otherwise, he'd have to leave her a note explaining where he was going to be the next few days, and, quite frankly, he'd much rather part with a 'last kiss' from her than shove a piece of paper under her door. Reaching said door, he unconsiously straightened his uniform, then knocked.

Risa lay on her bed, an mp3 player and magazine before her. Her foot followed the beat of the music while her eyes drifted through the colourful pages. Hearing a knock through her earphones, she left the mp3 player on her bed and headed towards the door. Tugging at the oversized t-shirt, she opened the door carefully, not aware what lay on the other side.

Smiling when the door opened, his features quickly went to a bit stunned when he laid eyes on Risa. She had been 'dressed down' on their second date, but this was even more so. Clearing his throat (and trying to clear his mind as well), he smiled once more at his girlfriend, though his eyes would shift from her eyes to look at the rest of her every now and then. "Hey, Risa. Stoppin' by real quick during my lunch. Can't stay long.." He paused a moment as his gaze wandered again. "..Unfortunately..."

Risa was surprised, she had not entirely expected Kensei to be at her door but, she welcomed it completely. Ever since their second date, she welcomed the more 'dressed down' look, it was quite comfortable, she thought. Returning his smile, she noted his drifting eyes and giggled. "Hey Kensei." she said, her smile fading and a slight pout was visible on her face.

Placing his bookbag on the floor for the moment, he stepped close to her and put his hands on her hips, pressing his own hips to hers as he bent down to give her a long kiss in greeting. When their lips parted, Kensei grinned at her and said, "I don't need to eat, so I have the whole time to spend with you, though, if you're not busy." His grin broadened, a sly, teasing look coming to his eyes. "Though right now I'm seriously considering skipping my next class to have more time with you...."

Risa returned his kiss, enjoying the feeling of being near him after quite some time. "Skipping classes is bad, Kensei" she said in an amused tone, well aware that she was skipping her own classes. "We can't have you getting into trouble now, could we?" she said, tugging at his hand lightly, welcoming him into her room.

Grinning, Kensei grabbed his bag with his free hand and let her lead him into the room, closing the door behind him. "Yeah, yeah... But you're worth it," he said, placing a teasing kiss on her neck. He certainly wasn't one to skip class. He never saw the point behind it. What else was there to do? Though now, looking at Risa, he sure was tempted with the thought. Finally, his brain poked him regarding the real reason he had come. Setting his bag next to her door, he kissed her lower lip and said, "Anyhow, real reason I came is to say I'll be gone the next couple of days. Rose and I are goin' on our camping and training trip."

She closed her eyes and a little moan escaped from her lips, his teasing kiss at her neck unexpected. Risa was not one to skip class much, today was...different. Leaning against him, she accepted his little kiss, smiling inside. When she heard about his reason for visiting her, she could not help but, feel a sense of longing for him already. Risa understood well that people needed their private time and she could accept what he had said. She would miss having him around, though.

Wrapping his arms around her, he softly kissed her on the nose. "Also, don't be surprised if I come back bruised, bandaged and bloody," he grinned sheepishly. "We're gonna spar, so... It's gonna be messy." Kensei placed another few kisses along her neck, his hands pressing her warm body to his. Man, did he want to pull off that shirt of hers.. "I'll be sure to come by here when we get back, though. Let you know I'm back."

It did not help that he was telling her that he would leave, placing kisses on her neck as he did so. It did not help Risa at all. She enjoyed sparring too and being a fairly understandin person she would not stop him from leaving, his kisses were tempting her to do the opposite, though. "You let me know so that I can treat any injury then", she said firmly, inside she was smiling, appreciating that he wanted to keep her informed. She snuggled into the embrace, his body warm against hers.

"I will," Kensei promised, nuzzling her cheek. He almost looked forward to having her patch him up. Smiling at her, one of his hands came up to brush her bangs from her face, his fingers running through the soft hair. His smile grew into a grin as he said teasingly, "Want me to come right over, or do you want me to shower first?" Placing a kiss on her ear, he whispered suggestively, "Or do you want to be the one to clean me up?"

Risa smiled slyly, his suggestive words filling her mind with ideas. "Hmm, I think I could clean you up quite well." she said, her tone equally suggestive as her body contniued to shiver from his whisper at her ear. Snuggling closer to him, she rested her head onhis chest, taking in his scent, almost as if she were imprinting it into her mind.

Grinning, Kensei was looking even more forward to his return now. Noticing her smelling his chest, he chuckled and ran his hands firmly up and down her back, teasing, "Well enjoy the way I smell now while you can then... When I get back I can guarantee it won't be this nice." He buried his nose into her hair, inhaling deeply as well. Moaning softly in contentment, he added, "Though I'm sure you'll clean me up well, like you said."

Risa laughed, her head still buried in his chest. She accepted his teasing, decidiing against any retaliation for now. "Kensei always smells nice..' she mumbled, her voice slightly muffled. "I will do my best to clean Kensei up..." she continued. Turing her head slightly, she listen to the steady beat of his heart, still taking in his scent as she did so.

Smiling happily, Kensei held her tightly to him, one hand pressing her hips firmly against him, the other running over her back and through her hair. Every once in awhile he would place a gentle kiss on the top of her head, keeping his breathing slow and steady, knowing she was listening to his heart. He hadn't been able to spend much time with her since their last date, so he was greatly looking forward to getting back from his trip and spending as much time with her as he liked. Remembering something, he kissed the top of her head again before whispering, so as not to startle her, "I'll show you my surprise for you soon, too."

The embrace was peaceful and comforting, Risa did not expect him to speak when he did, she jumped back from him in surprise, only to return to his arms with a sheepish grin. She had almost forgot about his surprise, not being around him for quite some time. As long as she was with Kensei, she could be happy, presents were not as important but, were appreciated. She wrapped her arms tighter around him, her actions speaking on her behalf.

Blinking in surprise when she jumped back, he gave her an apologetic smile in response to her sheepish grin. Squeezing her closer, simply enjoying holding her, Kensei exhaled a sigh of contentment. Resting his cheek on the top of her head, he closed his eyes and relaxed. He couldn't wait to show her the campsite he set up for them so they could spend time completely alone whenever they wanted. He only hoped she liked it.

The assignments have always been very differentbut, Risa enjoyed them, even a little bit. She particularly enjoyed the camping trip, it was something that she could not decribe but, she understood well. A content sigh escaped from her lips, her shoulders relaxing and eyes shut from her blissful state. She was glad that he had come to see her before he had left, it eased her thoughts considerably.

Cracking his eyes open, he glanced at his watch and sighed. "I have to get to class now..." Gentley pulling her from him enough to kiss her, he smiled at her when their lips parted. "I'll come over the moment I'm back from camping." Kensei paused to kiss her again, then joked, "Have the soap, towels, and first aid kit ready." Another pause for another kiss, then he grinned and whispered next to her ear, "And I'll be ready for you."

Risa looked at him, her eyes focussing after being shut for so long, and smiled. Returning his kiss, she prepared herself for his departure,laughing at his joke when the kis ended. "I'll have them ready" she whispered, her breath against his cheek. "I may just have a surprise of my own" she added with a giggle, her eyes twinkling.

Kensei grinned. "Oh? Well, I'm looking forward to that, too, then." Finally managing to force himself to release his girlfriend, he hefted his backpack onto his shoulder and turned to give her one last kiss. Running his fingertips along her cheek and jawline, he kissed her until he couldn't hold his breath any longer, as if he was trying to make up for what kissing they wouldn't be able to do while he was gone. Opening his eyes, he said, "Seeya in a few days, beautiful." Squeezing her hand, he finally turned and left for his class.
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