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Characters Hiyori and Shinji
When 8/4ish ^^;; yes, a while ago. Not sure when we'll be finishing this. I'm bad >.>;;
What Shinji tries to find out what Hiyori's probelm is (backdated from her freak out about Mashiro and Ichigo)

He'd been wandering the campus for over an hour, hands in his pockets, with his customary slouch. To the casual observer, nothing would seem amiss. Just one of the students, going for a walk after dinner. Anyone who knew better would know there was more going on.

It had been easy to piece the situation together from what Kensei and Mashiro had left out of their conversations earlier. Hiyori had crossed the line, and now Mashiro was worried sick, and probably feeling guilty. And one upset Vaizard could throw the whole group out of whack. Not that he couldnt understand why Hiyori was acting up. He just wished she would... He sighed, though it was almost a groan. He was getting angry, his Hollow was on a rampage, and none of it was helping his growing headache.

Just as he was walking past the library, he felt the familiar tickle of Hiyori's reiatsu. Found her! Flash-step brought him to stand directly behind her. His hands were still in his pockets, but the slouch was gone, and his Hollow was doing its damndest to twist his face into a scowl.

"Whatsa matter with you?" He said, sharply, by way of greeting.

Hiyori was startled by the sudden voice, too distracted to have felt Shinji coming. She jumped and looked over, meeting with an irritated face. She thought itd be stupid to pretend she didnt know what he was talking about. He was sure to have heard it from the others. The small girl had gotten to the point where she was so pissed... she couldnt even yell anymore. It didnt make her feel better. She just looked at him for a minute with her big brown eyes, then looked away. "I dont know." She muttered, growling a little at the lie.

Shinji finally gave in to the scowl, as his reiatsu spiked. No way was he going to let this drag on because of Hiyori's stubbornness.

"Right. Fine. I know I don't hafta tell you how upset Mashiro is over this. I don't hafta tell you she's blaming herself. And yer saying yer doin' this 'cuz you don't know why?' Bullshit."

He'd missed this girl so much he could almost kiss her right then and there, but if she was gonna sit there and let her own issues get in between her and her best friend, not to mention compromise the solidarity of the Vaizards... He was just as likely to punch her in the jaw. Shinji hadn't been this angry in years.

She stood up, shaking at first, but then tightened her hands into fists in attempt to relieve some tension. Her eyebrows narrowed and from somewhere in her gut she started talking. "Is this what you want to talk about?" Hiyori turned to face him. "Well THANKS, Shinji. I've already heard it from EVERYONE ELSE, so unless you have something NEW to say, just get lost!!" Really, she was tired of yelling. Her head hurt.. but she couldnt go and say what the real problem was.
She hated that after all this time without seeing him, she just told him to go away. What the hell was wrong with her?

"I'm not goin' anywhere."

He wasn't about to give up and leave now, not when he hadn't seen her in weeks. He'd managed to convince himself that he hadn't been lonely, hadn't been pouting over her, while she was gone. But now that she was here, it was obvious to him, just as he knew it must have been obvious to his friends, that he'd missed her. However angry at her he was at the moment.

"I'm not goin' anywhere," he repeated, with even more conviction.

Whatever she was afraid of, whatever had set her off, they had to stick together. Shinji wasn't about to give up on anyone over something so silly, least of all Hiyori.

Hiyori folded her arms over her chest and sighed frustratedly, looking away when really.. she was glad he stayed. "..ok." She sat back down, hugging her knees. "..what do you want?" she muttered, wanting to just be done with it.

"I wanna know why this bugs you so much."

He moved to stand next to her on the edge of the roof, looking out at the school from above. His anger had cooled down to a gnawing frustration, and his Hollow was shoved back into the farthest corner of his consciousness.

Looking down where she sat huddled up, he hoped she would just come right out and say what was wrong, though he was quickly coming to the realization that he'd be just fine with standing here all night, waiting for her answer.

"Its.. him." She mumbled before rested her chin onto of her knees. "and her. Just..." She tilted her head to the side and looked at him. Hiyori didnt know how to explain it. It just all sounded selfish, and she started hating herself for getting so bothered. "Goddammit, Shinji. I dont know. What the hell AM I supposed to do? I dont know how to deal with this shit!! I mean, Kensei and Risa made sense. We all knew it when they got in the group. Mashiro..." She looked down off into the campus. "Mashiro..." She didnt know how to say it without sounding like a child. Mashiro was her best friend... and she feared the day that Mashiro would find someone. She hated the idea of her leaving her, forgetting her, and getting close to a guy... almost as much as she hated the idea of Shinji leaving her. She didnt want to feel abandoned, alone... unwanted..... so goddammit, why couldnt she say all that? "Why did Kurosaki have to show up?" she grumbled.

With another sigh, Shinji dropped down to sit on his heels, resting his elbows on his knees. He half wanted to cuss her out for her damn stubborn pride; it was only that he knew he could be just as bad that kept him from doing it. He was starting to get a pretty good idea of what the problem was, and it made him feel physically exhausted because he couldn't just snap his fingers and fix it.

"What you're s'posed ta do is be happy for them. You're s'posed ta pat Ichigo on the back, and give Mashiro a big ol' hug, and everyone's s'posed ta be happy." He rolled his eyes. "Right. I think we're all too broken for that. It's like a prerequisite for being a you-know-what," he continued, pantomiming pulling his mask down.

"S'why we gotta stick together, tho, right? Mashiro's not leavin' just 'cuz of some orange-headed wannabe. Ya gotta trust her."

Quickly she looked back at him. So... he DID get it. She was glad she didnt have to say anything... and she started feeling some humor come back to her. "Pat Ichigo on the back? Have you EVER seen me pat someone on the back??" She almost felt a laugh coming on..

"Tch. Yah, with yer fist." Shinji wisely bit back any comments about her needing to stand on a box to reach anyone's shoulder, but the thought was enough to bring out a smile. Or maybe it was just sinking in that Hiyori was back. Whatever it was, his mood was beginning to lighten.

She perked up a little, then punched him on the shoulder, laughing a little. "Well, when you're right you're right!" Hiyori smiled, starting to feel better. She let go of her knees and let her legs fall loose off the edge off the roof. "...ya know, all this time, the guys were just... making me feel worse than I already did. First the newbie steals my best friend, then Mashiro is more upset that I hit Ichigo instead of the reason WHY I hit the idiot, then I get nagged being reminded that I hurt her... that I AM hurting her..."
She sighed. "No one bothered to think about what the hell I was feeling."
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