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Who: Rangiku and Soi Fon
What: Soi attends class, only to find Rangiku's seat absent. concerned Skipping class herself, she pays a hungover Rangiku a visit... with medicine.
When: August 22, Wednesday morning [IM to LOG]

[10:11] soifon2: Hello, Rangiku
[10:13] speak2myface: Hello~
[10:13] soifon2: How are you faring?
[10:20] speak2myface: inoooo...whats the tme?
[10:26] soifon2: ...It is nearing 10:30am
[10:27] speak2myface: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[10:27] soifon2: *blink blink*
[10:27] soifon2: ....
[10:27] soifon2: Is Rangiku drunk...?
[10:29] speak2myface: ....maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybew
[10:30] soifon2: .....
[10:31] soifon2: ....Is... Ragiku... well..?
[10:32] speak2myface: weeellll????
[10:32] soifon2: Yes, well
[10:34] speak2myface: ...wahaa???
[10:37] soifon2: Rangiku does not seem well...
[10:38] speak2myface: i wens outs foto dthe drink
[10:49] soifon2: ...
[10:50] soifon2: I have realised that Rangiku has done that
[10:53] speak2myface: i wahts?
[10:55] soifon2: I have realised that Rangiku went for a drink or two....
[10:59] speak2myface: ohhh, soregt i did!!!
[11:02] soifon2: ...
[11:02] soifon2: Everyone is entitled to do as they please

After settling in from the beach 'assignment', Soi Fon continued her observation as normal. Noting the absence of her potential student, in class, she decided to pay her a visit. It was not something that she would normally do but, the girl had seemed somewhat depressed as of late and Soi Fon, As little as she chose do display it, she cared about the girls well being, could not continue part of her observation without her.

The door was partly open, mainly because Rangiku had forgotten to close it when she crawled into the dorm earlier that day. But all the blinds had been pulled down tightly, making the room nearly pitch-black give the bits of light that seeped through the sides and the glow from the electronics. A large lump on the bed stayed motionless.

The door of Rangiku's dorm was open, normally a welcoming gesture, Soi Fon was not certain that this situation would be normal. She looked around, trying to locate any other presence, any suspicious presence. Content with the situation, she knocked lightly at the door, very lightly, entering after no protest was heard. "Rangiku..?" she called out, not entirely expecting a reply.

There was a muffled mumble coming from the lump. The edge finally slipped down, revealing a tangled blonde hair peeking over the covers.

"Whaaaaaaaa?" she asked, head pounding and eyes fuzzy.

Sensing danger, Soi Fon lept back, only to see a disgruntled looking Rangiku. Letting a little sigh escape her lips, she walked over to her, anticipating the other girls reaction. It appears that she has been drinking she noted, the blinds were shut and the smell of alcohol hung in the air, despite the open door.

Seeing Soi Fon, Rangiku was surprised, but not enough to say anything. With another groan, she pulled the covers back over her head, mumbling something to herself.

Although she was concerned, Soi Fon was not fully prepared to show it. She did not believe in invading ones privacy either. Rangiku was a friend and having a very different personality, dealing with her was a challenge for Soi Fon. She stared at the covers, choosing to observe for the time being.

She sensed the other girl's presence still lingering the room, and though it wasn't a bother, eventually her own curiosity got the better of her. Pulling back the covers again, Rangiku tucked the edge under her chin with a sigh.

"Wha'sit?" she asked, wincing at the volume of her own voice.

Soi Fon almost smiled at the girls reaction. Her time with the girl had allowed her to predict certain aspects of her personality. She was friendly, extremely friendly and with Soi Fon being the near opposite, communication was like a game. "I have noticed your absence from class, Rangiku. You seem to be ill... " she began, not allowing much emotion to display.

"Meehhhhhh..." The word 'class' sent her back under the covers. Screw class, she could always make it up later. Maybe it would give her a good reason to stop by Aizen's place...But she wasn't sure if she should even do that at this point. Men... "Head hurts..." Rangiku managed from beneath the blankets.

She knew very well, from the state Rangiku was in, that the girl was not prepared to go to class. Her intention was not to force her to attend, her intentions were different. She looked at the covers, trying to decipher the actions of her potential student. "You should rest" she said, her tone cryptic.

"S'wha' I'mtryin' t' do~~..." she gave a frustrated moan, peeking out just a bit at Soi Fon.

Crouching carefully, she faced Rangiku, a serious look on her face. "That is not resting..." she said simply. Picking up the nearest item, she threw it at the curtain, just enough to let the light focus at the bottom of Rangiku's bed. "Sleeping is not the only form of rest" she told her, returning to her standing postion from before.

"Ack!!" Rangiku practically jumped, scrambling away from the light, only to pause as she held her head again. "Duuun do tha't!" she whined, pouting furiously. "What're you doin'??"

Her face remained guarded, she turned to the pouting girl, a sadistic small smile on her face. "I am showing Rangiku the light." came her reply.

"Ran'iku don't need t' see no light!" she whispered harshly, pulling the blankets back up so now she was under a giant tee-pee.

"Would Rangiku prefer to remain in the dark..?" she asked, leaning closer to the heap then returning to her position once again. Turning her eyes to the floor, she decided that if Rangiku wold not give in, she would have to be more approachable. Sighing inwardly, she stated the purpose of her visit, feeling both upset and pleased at her action. "...I.. see that you are ill.. I have not conversed with Rangiku recently and..." she attempted, " I wanted to know how Rangiku is feeling.." It may have been a confession of sorts but, she did not display much emotion on her face..yet.

Rangiku peered out from underneath the roof of her cave, realizing how hard this must be for Soi Fon even in her grumpy, hung over state. With a sigh against her pounding headache, she threw the other girl a bone. "...I feel like I'been run over by a truck, then't backed up an wen' over again..."

Soi Fon felt a giggle bubble in he throat at the comment, trying her best to disguise it with a cough, she looked at Rangiku and then reached for her Zanpakuto. Untying a little knot which joined a velvet bag to it, she slid Suzumebachi back into place and turned to Rangiku with the bag. She chose not to explain the purpose for the bag just yet, instead she waited for the more social one to reply first.

Tired blue eyes scrutinized the bag carefully, going back and forth between it and the face of it's holder. Slowly, she asked, "...Was'aht?"

Looking at the bag, she placed it next to Rangiku, should she choose to take it. Realising that by placing the bag next to Rangiku, she had to explain the purpose of the bag, she felt hesitant but, knew that it was something that friends did for one another. "It is a special medicine to treat.. what Rangiku has.." she explained.

"A hangover?" she said more easily, picking up the bag without hesitation. Even though her head felt like an army of elephants were dancing inside it, her mouth felt gross and she had that taunting urge to vomit constantly poking her stomach, she opened it anyway. "...Was'it?"

Soi Fon felt relieved when Rangiku took the little bag, she had suspected that the other girl would prod her of its origins but, her 'hangover' left her in a different state. "It can cure your...hangover." she said, hesitating at the use of the common term. Soi Fon decided that little words were needed, curing the hangover would help her situation.

"Yeaaaahhh..." she said, peering into the bag suspiciously. "But wha'sit?" Coffee was a lie, Rangiku had quickly realized. It helped you wake up, but hangovers really tended to take time.

Sighing inwardly, Soi Fon realised that Rangiku would be true to her character and still prod her. She was not upset but, sharing details about certain matters was not something that she enjoyed doing. "As I have mentioned before, It is a special medicine. It will cure your hangover." came her reply.

"Yeahyeahs, I got tha'," she said with a sigh, still not sure if she should open it completely. "But they call 'em brownies 'special' too, ya know..."

"I specialise in such matters. I cannot guarantee the taste but, I can assure you that it does work." she told the other girl, her gaze following the light at the bottom of the bed. Soi Fon had a basic understanding of what Rangiku was feeling. I have become a more sociable person, she said to herself, her eyes still on the trickle of light.

Rangiku eyed the girl and the back, not sure if she liked the idea. But at this point the feeling in her head was a fate worse than death, it seemed, so anything would help. Without further hesitation she dumped the bag over her mouth.

Seeing the bag at Rangiku's mouth from the corner of her eye, she turned in her direction, awaiting an opinion. her thoughts continued to drift between her understading of Rangiku's character and her misunderstanding of her own character. She blinked, her eyes shut for a while before opening them again and returning her gaze to that of the other girl.

And Rangiku all but choked, taking too much at once and the taste was more than horrible.

Soi Fon watched the girl's reaction, her face not displaying any particualr emotion or reation. "I cannot guarantee the taste." she said again, observing the other girl as she did so, "Strong medicine does not tend to taste well. The medicine should work well then, don't you agree?"

Well, if she wasn't trying to regain the sense of taste, Rangiku may have agreed. "God!!" she hacked, making a face of disgust as she could breath again. "I'd sure's hell hope so! Taste's gotta make it worth i'!"

She smiled at the reaction. The reason may be different but, the girl seemed to be back to her old energy, it always made her smile. It did not matter that they were not student and teacher, Soi Fon thought of Rangiku as a friend and knowing that she was well, mattered. It was a different thought process to understand but, one that she would have to accept.

Rangiku kept smacking her lips uncomfortably, trying to get that taste out of her mouth. But in some remote corner of her mind, she was thankful. Honestly, she had been feeling lonely the past few days, and it was good to know she still had people that cared about her. Even if they gave her gross things to eat..."Yuck."

Soi Fon knew that the girl would soon recuperate and bounce back to her old self. "Rangiku should be feeling well in due time" she said, her mission completed. The previous situation was new to her and Soi Fon was not certain of what action she would take next.

Making a face at the other girl, she mumbled, "I hope so..." Scratching her head, Rangiku handed Soi Fon the bag back, not wanting to keep anymore of that with her if she didn't have to.

Taking the bag, she attached it onto her Zanpakuto once again and then slid her Zanpakuto back into its original place. Her hand rested at the edge of the hilt, idly tapping at it while standing inthe room with an awkward feeling. What am I to do next? she asked herself, confused.

Not seeming to notice the other's uncomfortableness, Rangiku yawned, which turned into a sigh as she rubbed her pounding head. Much too much to drink the night before...but it had served it's purpose, only now she was once again sick and thinking too much. Or thinking between cursing her headache.

"Aren' you missin' class...?"

Her hand stopped tapping at her Zanpakuto and turned to Rangiku in surprise. "...I have analysed and completed today's work already.." she told the other girl quietly. This instance could be one that Rangiku would inquire about, Soi Fon prepared herself for any questions while she remained in the girl's presence.

Perhaps it was against her better judgement, but she had to ask. Looking up at the other girl from beneath her eyelashes, Rangiku asked more quietly despite how loud it sounded to her own ears, "...Was' Sou--Aizen there?"

Aizen? she said in her mind, acutely aware of Rangiku's situation. "He was not present in class..." she replied firmly. Soi Fon was not in class as well but, she knew who had not arrived, having been there before.

Her face dropped at the news, for once not trying to hold her disappointment. "Oh...Okay." He must still be busy...Too busy, it seemed.

Soi Fon noted the obvious change in character, her understanding of the situation growing but, not displaying it. She was not one to pry in others matters, standing firmly by her belief, she decided to not ask Rangiku about her inquiry.

The pounding in her head felt like nothing compared to how her heart felt at the familiar feeling she had messed up something good. Glancing back at Soi Fon, she offered the other girl a weak smile before pulling the covers back over her head, once again settling into a blob. "I'm...gonna go back t' sleep..."

"You should rest, Rangiku" she said, her tone lighter than before. Soi Fon could sense that the other girl was not feeling well, the hangover excluded, and perhaps a time to reflect would be needed. Her own mission called out to her, this one being completed. Pausing to observe the covers on the bed, she placed the bag on the nearest counter with stealthy fingers before nodding her head. Leaving the curtain open, she exited the room quietly, hoping that her friend could overcome the rough patch. Bad events may bring on good events, she thought, hoping that Rangiku would understand her quiet message.
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