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Who: Ichigo and Rukia
When: August 22nd
What: They found out what's really wrong with Rukia

Rukia made her appointment for that afternoon at 4 pm so she walked over to Ichigo's room around noon. She was nervous, her kido was suffering lately and she was worried about the reason why. She wanted to find out on her own, she would rather not Unohana (who was more than capable) find an abnormality and tell her family--she hated the idea of causing her brother any more stress. So she knocked quickly on the door. She was annoyed but relieved Ichigo would go with her, if it was something terrible, she knew she could rely on him to help her. Just like he could rely on her, she was glad to have him as a friend.
Hearing a knock, Ichigo got up, and walked over to the door. Luckily, the pain from Rukia's attack was gone. He opened the door, seeing his attacker standing there. "Hey there, Rukia. I'm better from when we saw each other last"

Ichigo seemed sore about what happened. "Ichigo, trust me, the others got worse treatment." She reached in her back pocket and handed him a polaroid of Ikkaku as Raggedy Andy. "Anyway, my appointment is at four, should we leave now?"

Ichigo took the picture, looked at it and laughed, then handed it back. "Yeah, let's go," he said, walking out the door and closing it.

Rukia walked by Ichigo's side. "Are...they okay?" She meant his two friends that she stomped out at the beach. She'd really feel bad if Ichigo lost the ability to use...certain things on account of her anger.

"Eh, yeah. They're usable still," Ichigo said, sticking his hands in his pockets as they walked. Suddenly, it dawned on him. "Why are we leaving four hours early?"

Rukia looked visibily nervous and anxious. "I'm worried. You don't think it's anything bad, do you?" She asked, chewing on her lip.

"It's probably nothing too bad, since it's just messing with your kido," Ichigo said. He wasn't really sure, but it most likely was just something small.

"Yeah...I hope it's nothing too bad." She sighed and bent down to pick up a dandelion.

"Yeah. How's uh, Graham doing?" Ichigo asked, wanting to change the topic.

"I never knew you cared about Graham but he's well." She answered him, although he also had been acting weird lately. She didn't quite understand what was going on with him. He seemed to cling more to her and hated being alone in her room.

"That's good," Ichigo said, as they walked. "Heh, so what did you do to Kensei?" he then asked, remembering the photo, and wondering if Kensei's punishment was just as worse.

"I tickled him and left him hogtied in the woods." She replied casually.

"Hm, interesting," Ichigo said, nodding. "Though, I wonder if that was as bad as having your balls crushed," he said quietly.

"I didn't stamp them out that bad." Rukia giggled. "I did worse to Grimmjow anyway."

"Eh, it still hurt!" Ichigo said, with a glare towards her. He didn't ask about what she did to Grimmjow, just as long as it was bad. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" She said to the scowling teenager.

"Not in this case!" Ichigo replied to the shorter girl, and gave her a flick on her forehead.

Rukia punched him in the gut and continued walking. If he was going to take it that way, fine by her. She stopped at the bus stop.

Ichigo coughed a bit at the punch and smirked, stopping beside her. "Crush my genitals then punch me, you're so mean," he said.

"It's called tough love." She smiled back up at him and leaned against the sign for the bus. She watched the traffice thoughtfully.

"Very tough love," Ichigo muttered. He stood and watched down the street, waiting for the bus. "Eh, so what are we going to do for," he said, looking up at a clock on the street," Three hours and fifty minutes?"

Rukia shrugged. "I dunno, keep each other company with interesting stories and jokes?" She suggested although her thoughts and worries still remained on her health.

"And exactly what stories and jokes are we supposed to tell?" Ichigo asked. He certainly didn't have any.

"I have a sequel to my zombie rabbit story if you want to hear it." She said, leaning against a railing, kicking her legs as she held herself up with her hands.

"Eh, I remember that. Is the second part any better?" Ichigo asked, thinking of that day they had hung out. The story wasn't scary at all.

"It depends on your definition of better." She said casually, swinging her legs even more so as the wind picked up.

"Oh. So it's worse," Ichigo said, smirking. He leaned against the sign Rukia had previously been leaning on. When would that bus get here?

Rukia swung under the railing and used the momentum to kick Ichigo right in the rear. "Idiot, it's better."

"Agh," Ichigo said, then glared at her. "Well the way you put it sounded like it was worse," he said.

"It's better because it has exploding frogs!" She pulled herself to sit on the railing. "Do you want to hear it or not?"

Ichigo sighed. He had nothing better to do, he was waiting for a bus. "Fine, fine, tell your story," he said.

"...And that's when they found out it was really alive!!" Rukia said dramatically. "The end. Sooooo, what did you think?"

Ichigo let out another sigh. He had one thought throughout this whole story: Where was that damn bus? He gave her a blank look. "Eh, it wa-hey look, the bus is finally here," he said as the bus pulled up to the sign. As the door opened, he got on and paid for them both, then went down a few seats and sat in the window seat.

Rukia wanted the window seat so she crawled over him and forced herself in the space between the window and Ichigo. "Nice view." She said, looking out of the window.

Ichigo glared, then picked her up and sat her in the aisle seat. "You can have the window seat on the ride back," he said.

"I want the window seat now!" She fought against him, honestly handling her like a child...who does he think he is?

"Well deal with it," Ichigo said, keeping her in the seat. "You can have it on the ride back," he repeated.

"I want it nooooooow!" She whined, people on the bus stared at him and whispered something about 'being a lousy boyfriend' and such.

Ichigo gave the other people on the bus a scowl, then sighed. "Fine, if you'll shut up about it you can have the damn seat," he said, then moved her, scooted to the aisle seat, and put her in the window seat. "There, happy?"

"Yes. Whoa! Look at that!" She pointed at a billboard that had blinking lights. It wasn't something she had ever seen before outside of a television. She started pointing at other things as she saw them. "Look Ichigo, there's a man on a unicycle!" She reached behind her and hit him to get his attention without moving her eyes from the window.

"Ugh, don't hit me," Ichigo said, then leaned over and looked. "Hm, yeah. Amazing," he said, seeing the guy.

Rukia turned around and looked at Ichigo. "The bus is amazing!" She exclaimed.

Ichigo shrugged. "Eh, it's a bus. It smells and it gets you places," he said.

"But you're not looking at how wonderful it is, look at all the interesting people." She climbed to look back in her seat. In the back of the bus sat a guy that was fidgeting and gnawing on a quarter. A woman who looked as if she hadn't bathed in days had a huge bag of cans. "I bet they have all kinds of stories."

Ichigo pulled her back down. "Don't stare, it's rude," he said. He wasn't as interested as her in everything around them, having seen normal things in Karakura.

"Oh." She sat down and kicked her legs back and forth. "Hey Ichigo?" She asked, looking up at him.

He looked down to his right at her. "Yeah? What's up?" he asked.

"Are we there yet?" She asked solemnly.

"No, we still have a few stops to go," Ichigo said, looking up at the map thing that listed the stops and things in the town.

"Oh...you don't think it's anything bad, do you?" She asked, her voice was small and worried.

"Yep," Ichigo said with a nod, and stared out the window with her.

Rukia let out a soft sigh and watched things as they passed by, trying not to dwell on her worries.

"You know, we're still gonna have a long time til your appointment when we get there," Ichigo said, looking back up at the map thing. They had about three stops left til theirs.

"Yeah." She said, her voice sounding far away. She was listening just not processing what he was saying.

Ichigo looked from the map to her. "You okay?" he asked, she was acting differently from just a few minutes ago, when she was all happy and observent, now she was quiet and keeping to herself.

"Yeah." She repeated, staring out the window still.

Hm, same reaction. Ichigo smirked, this would get a reaction, or something was definetely wrong. "Hey look, Chappy just got on the bus"

"Yeah." She said, still in her daze. Wait...she did a double take. "Chappy?!"

When there was no sign of Chappy, she punched Ichigo on the arm. "Liar."

Ichigo rubbed his arm and smirked. "Well at least you stopped saying yeah all quiet like that," he said.

"Yeah." She said same as before but then her face broke out in a grin.

"That's better," Ichigo said with a smirk. One more stop.

Rukia looked out the window and surveyed the area. It was a nice neighborhood filled with a few high end houses. She chose a nice little community clinic and she was feeling a bit relieved as they neared.

The stop went, then they reached their own. "This is ours Rukia," Ichigo said, standing up.

Rukia followed suit and stayed close to Ichigo. "How early are we?" She asked, taking the hem of his shirt into her hand so they wouldn't separate as they got off the bus.

Stepping off the bus, Ichigo glanced at another clock. "Eh, we have three hours. They might be able to get you in now, if they aren't busy," he said.

"That sounds..."...scary. She tightened her hold on him, she was afraid of finding out the news but decided that what Ichigo said was logical enough.

"Sounds what?" Ichigo asked, looking over his shoulder at her.

"Sounds...like a good idea." She said, releasing his shirt only to fidget with her hands.

"Hm, alright then," Ichigo said. He spotted a clinic, and headed over there. "This the place?" he asked her, just to be sure.

Rukia nodded and stopped to stare at the building. "You think it's any good?" She asked, looking over the sign.

"I don't know. It looks decent enough, though there's really only one way to find out," Ichigo said, and walked in.

Rukia followed behind him into the waiting room. Not too many people and the girl behind the counter looked friendly but looks could be deceiving.

Ichigo looked around, then at her. "I'll take a seat, you go up and see if you can get in," he said, then sat down in a chair by the door.

Rukia nodded and walked up to the girl behind the counter. She was chewing on neon green gum that would swish around her mouth every time she chewed. "Sign in." She said simply to Rukia, Rukia nodded and wrote down her name and appointment time. The neon green gum girl looked at the appointment time and gave Rukia an incredulous look. "Have a seat." So Rukia took the chair next to Ichigo.

Ichigo watched as she wrote down her information, then sat next to him. "Well?" he asked, hoping desperately they could get her in now, and they wouldn't have to wait til four.

"Well, what?" She asked, leaning over him to grab a magazine which she promptly flipped through.

"Can they get you in now?" Ichigo asked, then looked at the magazine pile she had gotten that one from, and groaned seeing they were mostly tabloids about things he didn't care about.

"Look at that! They spotted BIG FOOT!" She exclaimed and showed Ichigo the article. "What was that?" She asked, recalling that he asked her a question.

"Oh yeah, another supposed spotting," he said, looking at it. "And I asked if they can get you in now, or at least sooner," he said, repeating the question.

"She didn't say. She told me to take a seat, is that a bad sign?" She asked, having never done this before.

"Nah. They tell everyone to take a seat. If she didn't say anything about it, then we just wait, and hope they can get us in early," Ichigo said.

"Wow! Look conjoined twins!" She held up the magazine to show Ichigo. "What if we were conjoined twins? That would be fun, you'd always be in arms reach!"

"Well, that's true, but it would have been very awkward when we went out," Ichigo said. He crossed his arms and laid his head back on his chair. "And when we had sex," he muttered.

She was about to make a comment to that until she was distracted by something else. "Whoa! The Lochness Monster exists!"

Ichigo sighed and shook his head. "Of course it does," he said.

"Kuchiki Rukia." Someone said from the hallway. Rukia nearly jumped out of her skin. "Ichigo...would you mind coming with me?" She asked in a small voice.

"Nah, I don't mind, if they'll let me come in," he said, and stood up. "Let's go," he said, and started walking.

The nurse took them into an examination room and began taking Rukia's basics, her weight, blood pressure, and asked a simple medical background before she left the room to get the doctor.

Rukia fidgeted nervously as she sat on the examination table. "It's nothing serious, I'm just being silly...let's leave." She pushed herself off the examination but the doctor came in the room before she could leave.

"Ah, Ms. Kuchiki, I'm Dr. Jin Kariya." He shook her hand. "Now it says here," he was looking at her chart, "that you've been experiencing a disturbance in your kido." He set the chart down and began examining her nose and ears with an optical scope.

"Yes, that's right...it's probably nothing." She chuckled.

"Let's just make sure it's nothing serious." He said as he listened to her heart and breathing with a stethoscope. "May I?" He asked, indicating to her shirt. She gave a nod and he felt around her stomach and back. "Just a hunch, have you had any cravings lately?"

"No...well the other day I did eat a whole stick of butter." She shrugged. "Is that strange?"

Kariya laughed. "It's hardly normal, I got a suspicion, I'm going to run a quick blood test to see if I'm right." He reached in a drawer and poured a bit of alcohol on a cotton pad, he swabbed her arm and pulled out a syringe and took some of her blood. "The tests are fairly quick, I'll be back with the results." He smiled again before leaving the room.

Ichigo sat and watched as the doctor examined her, then when he left Ichigo gave a weird look to her. "You ate a whole stick of butter?"

"I was hungry and it looked good. It tasted good too." She turned her head to the side as if she was offended by him.

"Um, alright," Ichigo said. That was weird, normally you eat butter with things, not just by itself.

"I'm hungry." She said, patting her stomach. "How long is this going to take? I want to eat." She whined.

"He'll be back with the results in a bit," Ichigo said, and looked at the door. "Just be patient"

"Fine. Can we go get some food after this? I could go for a nice barbecue chicken pizza." She said, mouth watering as she thought about it.

"Barbecue chicken pizza?" Ichigo asked, looking at her. Not really a normal thing either, but this one actually sounded kind of good. "Sure," he said.

Rukia gave him a thumbs up as the door opened and the doctor breezed in. "Congratulations Mr. and Ms. Kuchiki, you're going to have a baby!" He walked over to Ichigo and shook his hand, giving him a pat on the back.

Rukia was in a daze as he shook her hand enthusiastically. I'm....pregnant, she thought.

Ichigo gave a shocked look back and forth from the doctor to Rukia, his body moving itself to the doctor's handshake. "She's pregnant? I'm going to kill Grimmjow," he thought.

The doctor began scribbling on a pad. "This is a name of a colleague of mine, she's the best OB/GYN in town." He handed it to Rukia. "Congratulations."

"Thanks." Rukia said, still not completely out of her daze as she walked out of the room.

Ichigo gave a nod to the doctor as they left. He was still in shock as they walked outside. He finally looked at Rukia. "So," is all he said.

"Yes." Was all she could muster.

Ichigo sighed. He looked over at her, then to the ground. "Well then, you're pregnant. I'm sure Grimmjow will be very happy to hear that," he said.

"I..." She put a hand over her stomach. "I..."

Ichigo let out another sigh. "I'm not sure what to say now, so I'll just wait for you to talk," he said.

"That...idiot! I'm going to strangle him when I see him!!" She burst out and twisted her shirt around her hands like she was twisting his neck.

Ichigo shook his head. "I'll help you kill him, if you want," he said. Now he had another reason to hate Grimmjow.

"You can help me bury his body." She stopped and her arms and head dropped. "What am I going to do? I'm not even sixteen and already a mother?" She sighed.

"Alright, good enough," Ichigo said with a smirk at the burying comment. At the next thing she said, his smirk went away. "Yeah, this is pretty bad"

Rukia felt tears rise in her eyes. "I'm scared." She admitted, she hated showing weakness but this was big news to swallow.

Ichigo sighed and took her in a hug. "It's gonna be okay," he said, comforting her.

"I want..." She stopped as if she had something serious to say, "cranberries on that pizza."

"On your half. That's too gross for me," Ichigo said with a smirk, then released her from the hug. "Let's go get it"

"Okay." She sniffled and followed Ichigo.

The pizzeria was only a short walk away, so they got there quickly. "Um, I'm not sure if they'll have cranberries here to put on the pizza," Ichigo said to her as they walked in.

"Darn, maybe canned peaches?" She asked, recalling how interesting it was when she ate it with Rose. She took a seat at the booth and scanned over the menu.

"Probably not," Ichigo said, sitting down opposite her. He grabbed and looked at the other menu there. "They have the chicken," he offered.

"You certainly pick the best pizza places in town." She snapped angrily at him, throwing a menu at his head.

Ichigo dodged the menu and glared at her. "What? I picked this place because it was near the clinic!" he replied.

Rukia put her head on the table. "I just want some canned peaches." She started sobbing.

Ichigo blinked a bit, then reached over and gave her a pat on the back. "It's okay, how about we go get a can then bring it here, since they don't have it?"

Rukia glared at him. "I bet you really like this, I'm completely miserable. Go ahead, take a picture!" She wiped away her tears with the back of her hands.

Ichigo drew his hand back and returned the glare. "I'm trying to help! Sorry for that," he said.

"Oh Ichigo I know. I really appreciate it!" She threw herself over the table to hug her friend. "Thank you so much."

Ichigo looked at her, and slowly returned the hug. "Uh, yeah, you're welcome. So should we go get those peaches?" he asked, confused at this point.

"I'm fine with whatever you're having." She smiled brightly at him.

"Uh, ok. So just the chicken then," Ichigo said, but it was sort of a question to make sure it was still okay with her.

She nodded as the waitress came up to take their order. "I'll also have the ravioli and...the garden salad...and the lasagna."

Ichigo was about to say something about the cost, but figured it was better for him and his health that he didn't. The waitress walked away, and Ichigo almost made a comment about what she ordered, but again, for his health, didn't.

Rukia gulped down most of her water. "I wonder if it's a boy or girl, I wonder when my due date is. Will you be there?"

"Um, you're going to go along with it?" Ichigo asked, casually sipping at his own water.

"Of course. Even if I am too young to be a mother, I can't just...that's just wrong to even think!" She was referring to an abortion.

"Hm. Alright, but you think Byakuya will let you keep it?" Ichigo asked, sipping more at his water.

Rukia's face developed into a deep frown. "I'd run away if that meant keeping my baby."

"Well I hope he does let you keep it then. Running away wouldn't be good, for either of you," Ichigo said.

"How am I going to tell him or even Grimmy?" She asked leaning back in the booth.

"Well, I guess just tell them," Ichigo said. That was pretty much the only advice he could give her.

"How do you tell someone that you are going to have their child?" She asked with a sigh.

"I don't know," Ichigo said. The waitress arrived with their food finally, set it down and left. "Well let's talk about it after we eat"

Rukia nodded and picked up her fork. "Thank you for the food." She said to Ichigo before digging in.

"You're welcome," Ichigo said with a nod, then grabbed a slice of pizza. Hm, the chicken was a nice choice.

As Rukia finished up the last bit of lasanga, she felt completely satisfied. She pat her belly. "That was delicios."

Ichigo finished his second slice of the pizza, the only thing she had left him. He was suprised that she could eat so much, but again said nothing for his health. "Yeah, the pizza was good," he said.

Rukia yawned. "You want to head back?" She asked, trying to stifle it.

Ichigo nodded. "Yeah, let's head on back. Let me pay first," he said, then got up and headed to the cashier. He groaned and pulled out the money to pay, then walked back. "Okay, let's go," he said.

Rukia followed Ichigo quietly as they walked over to the bus stop. All she could think about was how she was going to tell the important men in her life about this new development in her life. Ichigo already knew so that ruled one out but it left the problem of Grimmjow and Byakuya...

This bus stop had a bench, so Ichigo sat on it to wait. "So, how are you going to tell them?" he asked, figuring they should talk about it now.

"Maybe I can hint at it until they figure it out. But then again Grimmjow is more of the brawn over brains." She sighed and took a spot on the bench next to Ichigo.

"You won't tell Mashiro, will you? I want to keep this a secret."

"No, I won't tell anyone," Ichigo said. He leaned back on the bench. "I think you should just tell them," he said, repeating his advice from earlier.

"I will but only at the precise moment." She said with a nod. A bus came to a screeching halt before them. "Oh it's the bus, hurry Ichigo and pay!" She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to his feet.

"I will," Ichigo said as he was suddenly pulled to his feet. He walked on the bus and paid for them both. "You pick the seat this time," he said.

"Right here looks nice." She took the first seat diagonally from the driver. "Did you want the window seat?" She asked.

"No, you have it," Ichigo said, remembering the arguement earlier and her mood swings from the restaurant.

"Okay." She said and sat down, she was quiet during the bus ride and rested her head against the glass where she quickly fell asleep.

The bus went over a bump and Rukia moved in the chair to rest her head on Ichigo's arm instead.

Ichigo looked down and smirked, then moved her head back when she started drooling.

Rukia woke up and wet her dry lips. "We there yet?" She asked sleepily but fell back asleep, her head resting against the window.

Ichigo smirked. They still had a few stops, and he would wake her when they had one left. "Hey Rukia, wake up," he said as they reached it.

"Five more minutes, Grimmy." She muttered, pushing Ichigo away.

He glared at her, and shook her a little. "Wake up, and it isn't Grimmy," he said.

"I want to sleep Grimmy, let me sleep." She replied to that and struggled to push Ichigo's hands off of her.

"Hey! Get up! And I'm not Grimmjow!" Ichigo said, shaking her a bit again.

Rukia woke up due to the violent shaking. "Ichigo, you idiot!" She punched him as she had no idea what just passed but only knew that Ichigo was shaking her. She then slid by him to get off the bus.

"Gah, sorry for waking you," Ichigo said, then got up and off the bus with her.

She stretched and was literally sparkling after taking a nap. "Now all I've got to do is find Grimmy, I ought to tell him first since he is the father." And maybe telling him could prep her for telling her brother.

"Yeah, you should. I'll head back to my dorm, this is a thing you two should talk about alone," Ichigo said. And if he went with her, it might end up violent.

Rukia looked up at Ichigo and really appreciated him and his friendship. She wrapped her arms around him in a friendly and meaningful embrace. "Thanks, Ichigo." She whispered again.

Ichigo returned the hug. "No problem Rukia, tell me how it turns out later," he said.

"Will do." She smiled and watched as he walked away. She felt something along the lines of a panic attack just thinking about how she should go about telling Grimmjow.

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