Really Cool Ichigo

The last BA log

Who: Ichigo and Mashiro
When: 9/5
What: She gets some skates and learns how to use themFORESHADOWING, Ichi shows up. She skates for a bit and he watches, then they go get her shoes, for to get slushies. They find the slushie machine to be broken! OH NOES! So Ichigo takes her to his room, and fluffiness ensues. A tad bit of awkwardness, then they fall asleep.

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The stage was set. Balloons and equipment had been scattered through out the grounds and forest. Yoruichi grinned with anticipation. Things were quiet. Too quiet. The birds dared not sing. They knew.

She crouched on a branch, her cannon at the ready. Someone try and attack her. Make her day. She was motionless, vigilant, ready for the signal. That one blast that would sound like a trumpet around the world. 

This was war.
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Characters Hiyori and Shinji
When 8/4ish ^^;; yes, a while ago. Not sure when we'll be finishing this. I'm bad >.>;;
What Shinji tries to find out what Hiyori's probelm is (backdated from her freak out about Mashiro and Ichigo)

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